1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Children should not be "Lost" when they have living parents! I ask for "Martira's" patch!

    This is unacceptable , this child has a living mother and sister, why should she be lost when the last adult clan leader dies? Really, all children NPC should be adopted or something so that the game can actually function past gen 2, but at the very least children with living relatives should...
  2. Unresolved my game does not launch on steam

    my game does not launch and it makes me very sad
  3. Resolved Crashing Constantly, tried everything - Unplayable :(

    Hello friends, and happy holidays! I'm crashing constantly. These crashes take the form of a never-ending freeze, one which I generally have to reboot to get out of as even the task manager won't close it. Sometimes the audio will loop. I've left my PC running for hours to see if these...
  4. In Progress Crash on launch/startup MB2

    Crash I managed to get to the launch GUI so far but when I press play at singleplayer or multiplayer i right away get a white screen that says "The application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to upload these files now?" (picture 1) if I...
  5. Another mandatory "still not a single SA server" thread

    I know covid may impede some things, but other regions have servers. Why can't we have it? It's not like there isn't demand.
  6. willwillman11

    Definite Change Needed to The Bandit Camp Ambush Quests

    I had a party of 72 elite soldiers. I received the quest to take out a bandit camp, assumed it would be very easy. I wait until night to ambush and apparently in an ambush you only bring 12 soldiers? Whatever, fine. The bandit camp has 50 bandits, high tier mountain bandits who slew my elite...
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