1. killyouready

    Need your suggestions!!All six of my made mountblade warband mod introduction、download and notes

    This is the introduction of all the mods I made, but all the attention is relatively little, I hope you pay attention and make suggestions The following operations can be seen in the website post, or there is a instruction folder in the mod file with instructions 1. Warcraft 3 vs red alert3...
  2. killyouready

    SP Fantasy Warcraft III VS Red Alert III

    https://www.moddb.com/mods/rts-calradia-command-conquerred-alert Since mod renamed as warcraft 3VS Red Alert 3 mod after V0.920, most of the things envisaged before the name change were implemented, but please refer to the details below.You can not only see the characters and buildings of...
  3. RTS camera

    Pretty new here so excuse if this has been done to death already, I can't seem to find any other threads relating to this...which surprises me. Anyone know if there's any plans to introduce the same, or at least similar, functionality in game that the brilliant RTS mod does? (that now doesn't...
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