roguery skill

  1. StaceMcGate

    Skills 1.80 and Onwards

    Thoughts and discussion on how skills are currently implemented and suggestions for future changes. Gonna just focus on Stewardship, Roguery, and Trade; feel free to add in own thoughts if ya want. Stewardship This is the big one I think needs an overhaul. Currently feels redundant and...
  2. CptMuppet

    In Progress Very high Roguery skill levels are impossible to reach in reasonable time span without grind of prison breaks.

    LEGEND / KEY bold text - important stuff | it should be readable on its own | you can use it as "tl;dr" or for the next reads of the post bold underlined text - the most important values and words | it can be useful for checking calculations and data Second way of tl;dr: If you don't care...
  3. In Progress Roguery Skill Ups (primarily from Bandit troops)

    Summary: Roguery skill, how to learn: Raid Caravans (not checked). Recruit and lead bandit troops (continued below). Infiltrate enemy towns (not had rogue skill worth trying). Give bribes (bribing access to keep = gain, not tested settlement entry for need more weapons). Escape from captivity...
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