roguery exp

  1. CptMuppet

    In Progress Very high Roguery skill levels are impossible to reach in reasonable time span without grind of prison breaks.

    LEGEND / KEY bold text - important stuff | it should be readable on its own | you can use it as "tl;dr" or for the next reads of the post bold underlined text - the most important values and words | it can be useful for checking calculations and data Second way of tl;dr: If you don't care...
  2. TimIZ

    Resolved Paying bribes often doesn`t result in roguery experience

    I noticed this a few days ago and now had it again for three times in a row: I pay a bribe and don`t get roguery experience. Reloading sometimes helps but not this time.
  3. Raiding caravan doesn't give any exp in roguery

    Wasn't like this in the previous updates, somehow this is changed now/ Each time I raid a caravan I don't get any exp in roguery for it.
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