roguery bug

  1. Mr.Chicken

    Resolved [Main Branch v1.1.3] Roguery Perk "Promises" does the exact opposite

    Someone already posted this bug here 2 months ago, but somehow this still isn't fixed. Summary: The roguery perk "Promises" under Roguery 100 does the exact opposite. It increases food consumption from Bandit units by 50% instead of decreasing it by 50%. In the images below I firstly show a...
  2. Resolved Bandit/Roguery Bugs

    Summary: 1-The perk Promises is not working as intended, the party uses +50% food on bandit troops. 2-The "Thug" troop tree that can be obtained trough back alley gameplay are not tagged as bandit, they don't benefit from roguery perks. 3-When trying to manage back alley troops there is a chance...
  3. Levelling system is killing itself & Roguery levelling bug - Suggestion included

    Hello, This thread is firstly a suggestion for the general skill levelling system which in my opinion defies logic and secondly explains how roguery is currently broken. Firstly, the levelling progression of a perk slows down according to your characters level. So if your character is level 1...
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