1. Gustafssonz

    Roadmap? Features in the future? Anything?

    Hello? Where is the missing features and the end game features? I feel we are missing so many parts of the game that was promised. I love Bannerlord but there is so much left to be desired and I don't to put that work on the modders. Where is the complete Game?
  2. a message to the community and developers(From reddit)

    (Fourms only, this post is taken directly from reddit so certain parts might look weird or not work and do to the short time i have of this account, i cannot upload pictures to the site, so that i'm not breaking the rules i will not link the OG post until the 25hrs is up.) I've made this post...
  3. five bucks

    Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    1 year ago, Taleworlds made a Future Plans post, which told us some of the features they wanted to include in the game, and an estimated release date of Q2 2022. We're now in Q3 2022. The release date was missed again. The planned features are only half done. There's been no patch for nearly 2...
  4. LioneI

    Questions about the game's future.

    Hello everyone, After searching on net, I didn't find any information about the incoming patchs, exempt from the last dev blog which was like 2 months ago. Nor the new release date (because if I remember correctly they were thinking to fully release after 1y). So can someone inform me (if...
  5. kreamy

    PETITON for Development Roadmap

    Please vote whether or not you want Taleworlds to release a development roadmap that can better inform the community of the games direction.
  6. Um..the so called "Road Map" doesn't actually mention any new content....

    So if you review the statement put out by the developer Duh_TaleWorlds you will see that it does not actually include any mention of new content or features. This is a list of things...
  7. Early access roadmap?

    Has Taleworlds posted a roadmap of what gameplay they intend to implement from now until full release? Are we getting any considerable gameplay additions on vanilla or will it be mostly bugfixes and balancing updates from here on out?
  8. Disabled Features and Upcoming Features?

    Is there a post made by Taleworlds about which features are currently disabled and which features they might implement in the future? I've been following their blog for years and some of the big features they showcased haven't been explicitly said to have been scrapped nor are they present in...
  9. Consul_Kaiser

    Resolved Early Access Roadmap

    I believe the community needs some sort of roadmap as what to epxect in the upcoming months. Yes, we get patches everyday so far but the community has no idea when features will be implemented or new ideas thought of. If we can get a roadmap of the next few months that would be great for the...
  10. SlyFox

    [Poll] Should TW release a roadmap?

    In the past week, I've been seeing more and more people request or demand TaleWorlds to release a development roadmap of the future of Bannerlord. So I decided to create a poll to see what the community feels about this. I'll share my opinions on this first, mostly to get your minds rolling...
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