1. Please help me save Swadia

    I've been playing for 10 hours now and vaegirs have taken over all of the Nords lands and the Rhodoks are emassing an army to deal the killing blow to Swadia down to their last two cities Suno and Uxkhal. the Rhodoks declare war and take Suno by force Suno falls due to King Harlaus deciding to...
  2. Rhodok Independence and the quest of Grunwalder

    I think it would be amazing to form Rhodoks with a story based campaign by taleworlds,maybe dlc or whatever it will be.Southern Vlandians rising up against cruel king and forming an elective monarch system (as we know from warband).Im sure everybody will love it.But please make it something like...

    Mount n Blade Rhodok Your tears are delicous

    Twitter post: Newgrounds post: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ducatislo/mount-n-blade-rhodok-your-tears-are-delicous
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