rgl error

  1. NumenoreanLord

    'Hash vector failed at index' (followed by random numbers) crash?

    Hiya, anyone have an explanation/solution for a 'Hash vector failed at index' (random numbers followed) crash? Day ~700ish and it occurred at the exact moment I accepted a Kidnapped girl (from generic Guildmaster quest) into my party, near a village around Torbah on the world map. Never had a...
  2. Sarranid_Guard

    RGL Error textures

    When I try to play a mod I get an error saying "Unable to open file:commonRes/ccoop_extra_ui_textures.brf Help please!!. Edit: Guys it doesn't matter anymore I can't fix it I'm going to play the mods I can
  3. Thaek

    Floris unable to open file hatası

    Merhaba dostlar. Floris modunun en son sürümü olan 2.54 sürümünü yükledim ve çalıştırdım. Mod paketi Expanded Mod Pack. Ama loading ekranındayken "Unable to open file: Modules/Floris Expanded Mod Pack 2.54/Resource/min_env_materials.brf" hatası alıyorum. İnternetten baktım ve genellikle modun...
  4. Mirshko Ordo

    Need More Info Crashes with error message: “d3d_device_context_-> Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture failed

    Summary: it has happened a hundred times in the last 2 days, and at random times. I can almost never play a fight, often can't load save, and sometimes can't even adjust settings or stay in the main menu. the game freezes then pops up saying d3d_device_context_-> Map at...
  5. Need More Info Crash on Startup (RGL Error)

    Happens every time after the intro video, the game has no mods. Media : Version : 1.4.2 stable Installed community-made modifications: None Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 (2004 Update) GPU: AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200mhz Motherboard: ASUS TUF B450M PLUS...
  6. AlecSPQR

    Unresolved RGL Error and game crashes when joining server. Pls help!

    Hi all whenever I join a server I get an RGL error that says "End of File" and then a file address to what looks like a .txt map file in my Mount & Blade documents folder. I have verified my game cache, reinstalled, restarted my PC, deleted the rgl_config folder and started the game, and I have...
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