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  1. Askey

    Is There a Way To Report When A Server Is Down

    Is there an official way to report a downed server? Personally only prefer playing on the Siege (EU) server and it has a habit of randomly crashing and disappearing from the server list. This can last over an hour before it reappears again. Not a large fan of the TDM mosh-pit mode, Captain or...
  2. Middovah

    Read the National Forums TaleWorlds

    Do you read national forums and take them seriously TaleWorlds? Very good feedback is provided, especially in the Turkish forum... Please read and consider other forums...
  3. Troops stuck in the castle bug. castle bug

    https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1021696076644333071/5FE3C401EAE9A495FA78C4713E1049FDFEAE6104/ Fix this pleaaasseeeee
  4. Crash after accepting Quest (Poachers) & Unable to send crash logs.

    Delivered sheep to town and accepted poachers quest. When I exit town, about 2 seconds later it freezes and have to close it out via task manager. Crashes even if I wait in town. When I go to submit the crash logs. I get an error. Zip file of the logs...
  5. nini_zinho

    Texture bug on Sestadeim Castle

    Found a texture bug at the entrance of Sestadeim Castle.
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