1. Holy Shift

    Remove the Limit of Workshops

    If you dont wanna get higher income for each.
  2. Monkey

    BL Coding How to remove crafted items from the game?

    Once an item is crafted, it looks like its blueprints are saved somewhere since it starts being produced and sold by cities. I find it very, very untidy that exact "copies" (technically not copies since I actually crafted the same blueprint twice) do not stack. Is it possible to remove those...
  3. Crafted Item File Location?

    Anyone know were the file location of crafted items is? I spam crafted hundreds of weapons and apparently the game treated each one as an individual item. I smelted them all but the game still stock shops with the crafted weapons and they are about the only reward tournaments now offer.
  4. Resolved Helmet removes beard

    Summary: My helmet removes my beard, from on my character How to Reproduce: Wear the helmet on a bearded person, it removes the beard. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): n/a Version: e1.1.0.226306 Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home N 64-bit GPU: Asus GTX970...
  5. Can vanilla companions and troops be removed from the game?

    I know how to add more of them, but can the ones the game already have be removed? I would like to make sure the game never generates vanilla companions, only custom ones, and i want to reform the troop trees and some units i just want gone instead of edited, how to do it?
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