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  1. five bucks

    Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    1 year ago, Taleworlds made a Future Plans post, which told us some of the features they wanted to include in the game, and an estimated release date of Q2 2022. We're now in Q3 2022. The release date was missed again. The planned features are only half done. There's been no patch for nearly 2...
  2. BiggussDickus

    Bannerlord leaked for consoles?

    So yeah as the title says. It may be real it may be fake, we shall see.
  3. LioneI

    Questions about the game's future.

    Hello everyone, After searching on net, I didn't find any information about the incoming patchs, exempt from the last dev blog which was like 2 months ago. Nor the new release date (because if I remember correctly they were thinking to fully release after 1y). So can someone inform me (if...
  4. The Final Release Date

    Any news about when the "NONE Beta" final release date is or at least an estimate about the date?
  5. Epic Games Release

    When will be bannerlord available on Epic Games Store ?
  6. Xbox realease for bannerlord plz

    Can u taleworlds plz say a date where console version is realeasing
  7. Ser Madeye


    Harvesting season is almost upon us! ⚔?
  8. ShillinG

    Taleworlds, thank you!

    Guys, maybe I'm late, but that thing doesn't matter. I beg you to say thank you to our dear developers, Taleworlds! To say thank you for all this 8 years of making the game, for every blog that they have ever released and for one of the best gifts to us - release date on 30th of March and big...
  9. Sid-S

    Steam related questions for Bannerlord

    Hi there, I'm very new to this forum, and I have actually just signed up for this question. I have owned Warband for many years and spent way too much time playing that game. I was highly anticipating the new Bannerlords game when I saw that it was coming a day early (OMG yes!) though my...
  10. KrispyKen

    Bannerlord Official time drop?

    I had a quick skim through the forums and I haven't found an answer, so i'll open up my own thread, will bannerlord be dropped at midnight of the 30th, as soon as it turns over to the 31st, or will we have to wait for something like 5pm GMT on the 31st? Which some other games have done in the...
  11. Isn't the release date (31/03) a bit to close to the 1st of April?

    That's as close as an April's fools this release date could get without giving it away.
  12. Console Release Date?

    I was just wondering if the early access includes the consoles as well or if we will have to wait also is this going to be on next gen consoles as well or will it just be on the PS4 and Xbox One?
  13. Dreamsleeve

    Early or Late of MARCH?

    I have two things that I want to ask about and do a discussion for... -When we would know the exact release date of the Early Access? -Why are TaleWorlds calm at that moment of the release! As we know they are active on the community in most of time of the year but these days they are...
  14. paladinx333

    Early Access Information Requested

    It is less than one month until the early access period begins (March 2020). There are several things that I would like to know. 1. What is the exact date that the game will be available? 2. What will the price be? 3. Will it be possible to purchase the game before it is available in early...
  15. Bannerlord's exact release date

    Dear lords and ladies, it has been a while where Taleworlds announced the date of early access in march. It was a big surprise for us all, and we all were very happy about it. Now, where it's just one month left, there comes the question, what the exact date of the release is... The hype is...
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