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  1. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [e1.7.1 beta] Entering prisoner exchange party in a town while having lord prisoners makes relation to rise.

    Summary: When I have lords as prisoners, and I enter town, in menu I select "Go to the keep" then "Go to dungeon" and "Donate prisoners", then if I cancel operation, it increases my relation by 24 with owner of the city, while lords are still in my party. How to Reproduce: Load save I uploaded...
  2. five bucks

    Making Surrender Have a Purpose - Simple System

    Currently, surrendering is a terrible option the player will almost never want to do, even if they are not save-scumming. In real life, surrendering could potentially have benefits compared to fighting to the death, but in Bannerlord it has no benefit. It may as well not even exist as an option...
  3. Lazregamesh

    Quick question, Does an emissary improve relations with village elders? or is it just town notables?

    I am asking because i think i want to raid villages to starve the big battanian garrisons :devilish:
  4. SomeWeirdSins

    Need More Info Former Enemy faction's mercenary bands staying hostile after peace 1.59

    Summary: Fight in a war. Wait for peace. Mercenary bands that fought for the enemy empire stay hostile. How to Reproduce: Fight in a war. Wait for peace. Mercenary bands that fought for the enemy empire stay hostile. Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): N/A...
  5. avi312singh

    Minor Singleplayer Suggestion - Campaign

    After several hundred hours in Warband - I have got to about 100 hours in bannerlord solo campaign so far and I am really enjoying it.. The AI is relatively goop in both battles and on the map. However, one minor suggestion is that when you are part of a kingdom... If a faction makes peace with...
  6. In Progress [e1.5.7] Spouse relation reset once married

    My bride-to-be relation was 34, reset to 0 once married. We didn't even pass our wedding night !!! --- edit --- Save uploaded within thread link
  7. When leading an army, lords should inform you of their needs

    For example, if one of my lords feels understaffed he should bring a dialogue up to request a visit to villages for recruits, or if another of my lords is short on food he should request a visit to town to stock up. Similarly to that, you should be able to "gift" your lords these things in the...
  8. Jancnahn

    Current possible relation exploit & suggestion

    (This could've been already reported, I recently joined playing SP campaigns.) When you join someone's army and the army initiates an attack, you could just leave the army instead of joining them, followed by immediately helping them out so that you gain a relation increase with the army...
  9. Resolved "X Needs Grain" quest not giving any relation with quest giver

    Summary: Upon completing the "X Needs Grain" quest no relation is awarded. How to Reproduce: Accept a "X Needs Grain" quest and deliver the grain. No relation will be awarded, only renown. Scene Name (if related): Yangutum, Omgany, possibly all grain producing villages PC Specs have been...
  10. In depth Family tree?

    I married a girl from sturgia, her brother, father are my friends. It would give it more depth if they will be seen as my brother in law, father in law. Nephew, nieces. At least for 1 generation. IDK if this is planned or not, just a suggestion. Also if they r related to me & their faction is...
  11. (MOD Request) Higher Clantiers and Relation with a min/max about 500-1000

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this. But i posted on nexus site also. At the moment i got a mod that make me able to expand relations to +500 but i would like to do the opposite, decrease to -500. Another wish i have is more clan tiers. I'd like to take my clan to 15 or something...
  12. Resolved Voting causes -100 relation to the player

    When voting against another lord or king for a fief or for a decision to be made, their disposition, as well as their clans disposition instantly becomes -100 toward the player. I'm not sure if this is meant to be an actual feature but it's so extreme it seems to be a bug.
  13. Septimius Tullius

    Tournaments need diversification and purpose

    Currently, Tournaments are an easy way to get decent gear, get some money with a little bit of renown. Although some tournaments are better than none, I think there is a vast potential that could be unlocked if some of these proposed features were added. tournament difficulty should scale with...
  14. Noireffu

    -1 or +1 Merchant Relations

    I started a new character (Patch 1.4.0) and noticed I have -1 or +1 relations with every merchant and gang leader. Why is that? +1 relation is not a problem but with -1 I can't recruit troops. I can play with recruit(easy) setting but don't want to, kind of a lame way to fix it. Anyone have any...
  15. Need More Info Friendly Conversation, In Spite of the Fact I've Slain Their Countrymen

    Hello there, new fellow here. After slaughtering various Khuzaits in a show of unchivalrous behavior, I've amassed a cult following; one based entirely on blood feuds and hatred as opposed to worship. Virtually every member of the Khuzait faction hates me, with the lowest relationship modifier...
  16. BL Coding Where to find required relation for recruiting in settlements?

    I want to edit the value required relation for recruiting in settlements and citys. Can`t find it. Can someone help me out?
  17. Potential Relation Issue

    I hope this is the right place for this. I created an account just to report this potential issue. I ran into a noble fighting some Forest Bandits, and decided to help. Easy win, but the noble was knocked out in the fight. Afterwords I got the dialogue introducing myself, and he even goes as far...
  18. Bug - Clearing a hideout gives +2 relations with only the first notable in a city or a village.

    Not sure if it's intentional but it's always +2 relations with the first notable in the settlement/city list. The rest are not affected.
  19. Endo_

    Need More Info No relation gained after voting for someone to get a fief

    Summary: when voting for who gets a fief after taking it from another faction; when i vote for a party to get that fief i don't gain any relation with that party (no matter if they win or lose the vote) and i still lose relation with the other faction. I've had this happen to me as a vassal of a...
  20. Relation and View

    When I give a vassal a fief his relation to me still decreases and when I enter a new area the camera in in my characters head so I see his helmet and facial hair, it can be fixed by switching to third person and back to first person. Also the game will crash when I go into the taverns in...
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