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  1. Joe Friday

    Prioritizing Recruitment in Army

    I find it strange I cannot prioritize which lord or companion gets to recruit from settlements when in an army. Whenever I go to a settlement to try to recruit soldiers my lords get priority over me. After they are finished recruiting there is rarely anyone left for me. Is there a way to make...
  2. CrazyElf

    Do ladders work better right now than siege towers?

    I'm finding ladders more effective right now than siege towers. Siege towers can be destroyed and the AI isn't really good about taking alternative routes over the enemy walls. Often about maybe 20 troops die when the siege tower is destroyed, although the enemy also sustains some losses too...
  3. TheGioManDude

    Other Means of Acquiring Recruits (besides Villages, Mercenaries and Cities)

    Currently the AI and PC are constrained to where they can get recruits and soldiers. This does tend to enable one faction rolling over another rather quickly. Although certain adjustments have been made to circumvent this, it still, in my opinion, isnt enough. My suggestions is this: Each...
  4. andycott

    Suggestion. Make training grounds the new main source of training, especially for recruits. Add recruiters and patrols in the game.

    🤺 Make the new main source of training - training fields in fiefs. And add recruiters in the game. AI lords are busy making their job too much. Training fields are already in the game, but they should become more effective in general, especially for low tier troops and the best way to gain EXP...
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