1. Apocal

    Please adjust the name of legitimized rebelling clans.

    Right now, the names aren't just sorta lame ("Atrion's clan") but they also don't fit the existing naming theme for clans of a particular culture and have a mild chance of repeating in longer games. Would it be possible to leverage the existing themes? Maybe based on given name (Atrionos...
  2. StaceMcGate

    Let's talk about Rebellions

    To be frank, Rebellions lack oomph. They are a nuisance rather than a tangible threat in their current implementation. They are also always spurred forth from clashing cultures and lack of food, which is brought forth because AI Kingdoms would gladly sacrifice loyalty gains so the ruler can...
  3. Nodice83

    Resolved e1.5.8 - Rebels do not spawn

    Hi, I believe its is very much self explanatory. Haven't seen any info on turning this feature off so i believe it is a bug of some sort. It seems to be not only my problem.
  4. let rebellions escalate into separatists if there are too many

    since they added rebellions to the game I have seen a total of about 20 in my gameplay, and all except 3 happened to the Kuzaits and Battanians. it has really slowed down their expansions, allowing me to get some breathing room. but it has gotten ridiculous; I have seen these cities rebel almost...
  5. Hawke

    Unusual AI behavior on capturing rebel settlement as independent kingdom

    So I didn't have enough time to complete the Dragon banner quest, but it didn't bother me too much because I got to tier 4 as a clan. I decided to wait for a settlement to rebel from one of the factions, then I would take it and declare my own kingdom. It worked, and I didn't upset anyone. But...
  6. Inciting rebellion, and allowing rebel factions to make their own kingsoms

    With beta patch e1.5.6 comes rebellion which after play testing allowed me to get a city earlier than normal without angering any other factions which was really cool. However what I would like is some clandestine missions to reduce loyalty in a city,
  7. Please add along side Rebellions the Civil War mechanics

    The feature of Rebellions is great, it give us pause to think on the people that should be governor to a settlement, choosing careful among our Clan Members, Vassals and/or Companions. Rebellions occur when loyalty of a settlement is drastically low, than a random Clan with generate and take...
  8. foredeekay

    Proposed Mechanics: Dynamic Companion Introductions and Tasks

    Hello - love the game and really like the companions also, but I do wish they had a bit more colour to them. I appreciate the time the devs put into writing the various stock back stories, but I think a better way to make them memorable would be to introduce them through random encounters...
  9. foredeekay

    Proposed Crimelord Mechanics

    Hi - so I love the addition of criminal gangs in the cities of MB:B and I was brainstorming on how this could be expanded to offer greater depth to the game. I came up with a few ideas and I was hoping to hear your thoughts also! I was thinking of ways in which a close friendship with a...
  10. wherearewee

    Suggestion for the Rebellions Feature

    In addition to Lords being able to rebel from their Faction, it would be great if unchecked Looters, Bandits, or Raiders could gain enough of a following to promote a Hero and start a rebellion in the region. The likelihood of an emerging Bandit or Looter rebellion could be linked to the total...
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