1. Antaeus

    Addressing high attrition in nobles using surplus rebellion party leaders

    With death enabled for nobles, there is attrition over time. Even with a low death rate, more nobles may die than can be replaced by children. I actually prefer a higher death rate, but that creates a hollowing out effect of clans. Nobles should die in battle. And given the nature of the...
  2. Monkey

    [1.5.7 Beta NoMods] Suggestion on settlement rebellions and settlement rebel clans

    Presently, whenever there is a rebellion in a settlement due to low loyalty/security, a new clan named "<Settlement> rebels" is created, takes control of the settlement and wages war against the settlement's previous owner clan/faction. The problem with the current design is: (a) the number of...
  3. Inciting rebellion, and allowing rebel factions to make their own kingsoms

    With beta patch e1.5.6 comes rebellion which after play testing allowed me to get a city earlier than normal without angering any other factions which was really cool. However what I would like is some clandestine missions to reduce loyalty in a city,
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