1. Nerf Vlandia in Mulitplayer

    Dear Taleworlds, It is beyond me why you haven't nerfed the Vlandia culture in multiplayer to the ground yet.. Or rather the sergeant class. It is painfully obvious that they are brokenly unbalanced. In nearly every multiplayer match it is 90% Vlandia being voted for and it is just sad to see...
  2. SP - General Rebels

    I have a Rebellion to the north of me that has held out for over 150 days. Could it at all be possible to make the rebels have a hold out timer where if they survive they get a proper kingdom name from a name pool. You could also improve their chances of surviving the other kingdoms trying to...
  3. Wardrobe_Fuat

    Aserai Rebalance when?

    It's been 1.5 years since the EA launch, Aserai has been the worst faction of all overall with no exceptions. Especially in siege, they suck so bad. Their infantry units run so slow (like slow motion compared to vlandia, battania especially). They don't have decent archers with decent bows...
  4. HalfMetalJacket

    SP Native More Troops Mod

    I originally posted this a while ago, but I had that thread deleted because of how lazy it was. Hopefully I can offer something a little nicer here. This was originally supposed to be a personal project based on how I like my Bannerlord troops, but seeing as quite a few people seem to...
  5. SP Native Realistic Weapons - Weapon rebalancing

    After seeing how useless spears and polearms were in the game (100 cav vs 100 spearmen = 3 dead cav and 100 dead spearmen), I've started to modify the damage values of the weapons. My goal is to make a much more realistic weapon balancing, instead of the "gameplay friendly" balancing. Mod...
  6. Septimius Tullius

    Tournaments - AI and rewards not balanced

    So the other day I hopped into a melee tournament happening in the nearest town, and thought "well since battle AI is better, tournament AI should also be better." Well it seems as of now, things have not changed. Mounted Units frequently still get stuck on the side of the arena, or on rocks in...
  7. Fikiy

    Bandits Hideouts need a rebalance

    The bandtis hideouts are always full with 30+ bandits with bows. By only taking 9 men it is impossible to beat the hideout, at least in realistic difficulty. Also if you get defeated you lose all your men and get captive.
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