1. GusThePug


    As multiplayer dies, one dusty 'ol crawboy embarks on his epic journey through Calradia.
  2. hbugata515

    Best Mods .. Must be added to the game.

    These are the things we are waiting for in banner lord. Thanks to their creators. Check the gameplay here : Mod 1 : More settlement actions : Add more things to do in a settlement while waiting around for your troops to heal. These actions will effect the stats of the settlement (prosperity...
  3. More realistic

    Hello, Expectation from Mount and Blade warband AWOIAF community for more realistic of game. Like there is no King/Queen assuming throne, or not even crowning,...... There is only message window about crowning, can we able to see seat for ministers, lords, master of coin/whispers/laws etc. Can...
  4. Necropolitan13

    Game Difficulty Settings Poll - Can realistic be fun?

    I've played over 300 hours and started probably a dozen characters, and have played largely with the difficulty settings set to realistic (with normal combat AI difficulty). I want a realistic experience. I'm not looking to be some godlike hero who singlehandedly wins wars. This has led to a lot...
  5. cyberonn

    Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  6. How to change starting items on warband vanilla ?

    Hello guys, 🙋‍♂️ I'm 🇫🇷 and my 🇬🇧 is bad, but I'll try to explain you why I need your 🆘. So, I want to know if there is a 📂 wich can be edit in order to change all starting items: squire (male); Lady in wainting (female); troubadour; student; peddler; smith; poacher. ⛔ I don't want to allow...
  7. Nemerius

    SP Native Medieval Vlandia Troops Redone 1.2

    This mod is made by Artintrex and Me Nexus Page: Description: Customized Vlandia troop tree to better resemble a 14th Century European country Lack of chainmail and plate armor used by Vlandia troops really bothered...
  8. mr.master

    Battle Atmosphere

    NOTE: This a copy from my old post. Some of these points still stand. One the crucial points of improvement that I personally am expecting from Bannerlord is the battle atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, alot has been done, and by far, it is better than Warband at this point. However, I do believe...
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