1. five bucks

    Changes required to create Good Tactics™

    Due to multiple factors, Bannerlord's field battle tactics are currently very shallow. There's a clear best tactic: sit your archers on a hill, sit any infantry you might have in front of them stretched in a wide loose formation, and just sit perfectly still and watch the kills roll in. Or...
  2. WB Other Warband - Tweaks to XP gain on ranged builds?

    I love playing ranged builds in Warband. But gaining XP by only playing range builds is impossible. There are two main reasons for this: 1 - It is so much harder and slower to kill as a ranged hero. (for an average player) 2 - You need to kill the enemy to gain XP, and most of the time, even...
  3. BL Coding How to make the AI shoot from further away?

    The range that the AI soldiers start shooting their crossbow/bows seem to be related to the accuracy value of these weapons. I lowered the accuracy of all crossbow/bows by 40, which gave me the results that I wanted, but now the AI refuses to shoot unless the range is close. I'd like them to...
  4. DetektivAro

    WB Coding Coding advice? Anyone?

    So I was thinking of making a magic weapon that will act like a ranged weapon. It would shoot like a bow or crossbow, but instead of a arrow coming out, a meteor would fall out of the sky on the targeted place with it not falling right on the crosshair but in its general vicinity ( like some...
  5. Missile Speed and Missile Weight

    I'm not sure to how much depth the missile mechanics go, but I've read people saying that the longer the distance the lower the damage of the projectile and that the AI is smart enough to understand at what distance they should fire in order to cause reasonable damage. But in practice we see...
  6. WB Other Do troops use multiple projectile weapons for more ammo?

    Asking as I'm making custom troops in Morgh's Editor. Warband v1.174 For example, if you have a troop has a sword, shield (guaranteed), and two copies of the same throwing weapon in their inventory, does that fill all 4 equip slots for double ammo ingame or will they only use one? How about...
  7. Luminouscales

    Make Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen ranged units

    Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen are listed in formations as infantry units, even though they clearly bear crossbows (as their names suggest). A presumably easy, but important fix.
  8. Need More Info Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen Marked as Infantry (Formation 1)

    I've noticed that some troops - notably the Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen - are being auto-put in formation 1 when, as ranged units, they should be defaulted to Formation 2. You can change them manually, but if you ever add new units to the party when there are none (like more Vlandian Levy...
  9. Jerezereh

    Need More Info Ranged Weapon Accuracy

    Summary: Ranged weapon accuracy decreases with rank instead of increasing due to logic error. I made a thread here detailing a possible bug I found. In summary, each rank of ranged skills (Bow, Crossbow, Throwing) adds a positive bonus that is then used to increase "WeaponInaccuracy", making...
  10. kriegsmeister

    Shield Infantry AI

    Improve the AI so they actually use their shields outside of SHIELDWALL formation, if you are getting shot by arrows and bolts with a shield on your hands even if you have half a brain you will use that shield to protect yourself, the AI currently does not.
  11. Anybody else getting a bug where the AI would be able to shoot at you from across the map?

    I just finished a battle with a Battanian Caravan. The moment I spawned on the battle map I had javelins and arrows raining down on me, despite the fact that I could clearly see that they were on the other side of the map. I thought it was a graphical bug at first because the javelins/arrows...
  12. Zamorak

    Archer bug!!!

    So im encountering often now, that my archers range is very very short in some battes, i would say its like 10meters, until they start to fire, while enemy with short bows shoot from 50meters easily. And i own mostly Longbows which have longer effective range. While in some battles they start...
  13. Need More Info Ranged Weapons and AI Targeting

    In arena(Only tested in the arena), I notice when you equip a ranged weapon and an AI opponent is running at you, he will just ignore you and target someone else regardless of how far or close he is. If you re-equip a melee weapon, they will target you again.
  14. House-Hessian


    Who are we? Founded in late 2012 the 2ndHess was a community of German players who enjoyed playing together. Since 2017 our community is made up of people from all around the globe, with a focus on EU. Preparations for the release of Bannerlord have started in March 2018, with the founding of...
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