rambo tactic

  1. Sat_DeliAslan

    Captain Mode - Suggest For Rambo

    As you know, captain tournaments did not continue due to the rambo style experienced in Captain Tournament 3, and many captain clans and players switched to skirmish. However, since the mission of captain mode is to manage units in line with this, a solution must come. After discussions on this...
  2. Safety_Tree

    Ways to counter Rambo Cav?

    How does one counter this? Two separate times today alone I’ve seen solo cav wipe out entire PIKE formations without any loss, once with Vlandia, then with Khuzaits. It’s absolutely insane for this even to be a thing in the first place, and more or less equates to scoring a goal in soccer...
  3. Olaf The Cruel


    There is no doubt, the rambo meta is bad and has to be addressed. But what do you think TW should do to fight this tactic ? Please, cast your vote as objectively as possible. Be faithful to the overall gameplay and balance. TW will probably turn many parameters, but you only have one vote, so we...
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