1. Lazregamesh

    Quick question, Does an emissary improve relations with village elders? or is it just town notables?

    I am asking because i think i want to raid villages to starve the big battanian garrisons :devilish:
  2. Cant attack caravan

    Yesterday i was raiding aserai caravans without any bug but today i opened the game and then when i decide to attack a caravan game stopped working without any errors horse on bottom right corner stopped and music playing on background but i cant get into fight im playing game with mods (today...
  3. Ally lords not raiding enemy villages

    I don't know if this is a bug or intended feature but during my years of campaign so far as an Aserai vassal/king, none of the Aserai lords raided any enemy village. Not even once. As soon as a war starts, half of enemy lords rush to burn down our villages but we just build armies and...
  4. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved [1.5.10 Beta] Preventative medicine perk not healing player after "help the village" fights, fighting a enemy raiding a village.

    Summary: After attacking an enemy that was raiding a villages, being knocked out during the fight and finishing the battle (in the village map, my character was not healed any HP from the preventative medicine perk. This is a battle, it should proc when my side wins. How to Reproduce: Have said...
  5. Need More Info Game crashes when saving a village from raid

    Summary: Every time I finish rescuing a village from an enemy's raid, the game crashes and shuts down by itself. Once I re-open it, Steam would notify me with an error saying that the app is 'already running'. This has happened 3 times now since the 1.5.9 update. How to Reproduce: Have you used...
  6. Apocal

    Raiding caravans and village parties remains unsatisfying.

    For those not aware, raiding villages only nets you what was on the market in terms of loot. There is no other loot table. Caravans are similar but much worse; the goods they carry seemingly poof for the most part. They just don't drop after the raid, even if you surrounded the baggage train and...
  7. Apocal

    Resolved "You have raided my village..." Dialogue when I've done no such thing.

    Summary: Sometimes when speaking to a lord, they will offer context statement that I raided their fief. Except it isn't their fief, it isn't even their faction's fief and I definitely did not raid it. How to Reproduce: It happens when speaking to nobles -- so far only ones that like me...
  8. vth_Musketeer

    In Progress Crash when trying to start a war as a mercenary

    Reference crash report 2020-10-29_16.02.43_02804907ac2d0f64fe19fdaed67c7265 Summary: I'm a Sturgian character who recently joined Khuzait as a mercenary. I tried to raid an Aserai village to start a war between Aserai and Khuzait and the game crashed.I get to the point where it says "Proceed" to...
  9. Apocal

    Raiding should give more than the contents of the town market.

    Just in case you aren't aware, raiding in the vanilla game has a loot table taken from the village market. You can only grab a portion of whatever they were selling. That means it is generally more effective to simply buy the food (even at inflated prices) rather than raid for it, if you're low...
  10. Fell

    Lose relation with Clan raiding your settlements

    Alright so why the f**k do you lose relation with a Clan when you chase them off from raiding your settlements? I'm sorry, but thats my property/under-my-protection. I suppose the polite thing would be to let the village burn.... .. meanwhile you raid one of theirs and lose 15 relation or...
  11. Roger678

    In Progress [e1.5.0] Can't Raid Hideout

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread! Summary: I was given a quest to raid a hideout. At first, it was a looter hideout then after a game restart, it became a desert hideout. When I walk up to it the only option I get is to leave. I can not wait to dark nor raid it. At night I...
  12. Apocal

    The successful raid screen.

    Right now, it is pretty well blank. The picture is nice to look at but it also clears away the loot progress immediately, meaning the last tick's results can only be seen in the event log at bottom left. I suggest that the results of a successful raid be summarized instead, either by having...
  13. Holy Shift

    Extortion by Deserters Quest Fails If NPC Lords Raid Village

  14. Raiding caravan doesn't give any exp in roguery

    Wasn't like this in the previous updates, somehow this is changed now/ Each time I raid a caravan I don't get any exp in roguery for it.
  15. Banditry based on prosperity (lack of) and Refugee villagers

    I think it would make sense to have the banditry in the area (chance of hideouts and bandit spawns) be related to the prosperity of nearby settlements, the more prosperity means less people in need, and less crime, it doesn't really make sense to see so many looters spawning near a town with...
  16. Need More Info Game crashes after raiding a village.

    Happens in every village.
  17. Cri11e

    Disciplinary + Merry Men

    My goal is to reach leadership 125 for disciplinary and then 250 in roguery for Merry Men. So I can recruit bandits instead of slaying them and upgrade them. However.. Disregarding that the perks probably don't work yet. How will I level Roguery this high? Raiding caravans don't work, sneaking...
  18. New Mercenary contract type that would help AI defend territory (other stuff too)

    So new concept maybe to add to mercenary system/faction inner workings how about a guard region contract (hopefully ai could determine where to give it correctly) and player could also issue it to mercenary and lords not attached to an area specifically already. This would make it so you would...
  19. Likbjorn

    Relation loss by village raids should depend on its impact on village prosperity.

    Summary: I assume it's not a bug, but just not balanced feature. Now, each time you start action "Raid the village", you lose 6 relation points to each of the locals. However, you can do this infinitely in short amount of times. Just cancel raid as soon as it starts. Even if you didn't take a...
  20. Resolved Game crashing while moving to a new point after a village raid.

    Fortunately I had a very recent auto-save, and I tried restarting PC and going back to that save multiple times. Crashed as soon as I tried to move away from the village. How to Reproduce: Go to a Battanian village and raid it when you're at war with them. Try to move to a new point after the...
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