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  1. CillianLuckass

    Breakable pikes/lances!

    Hi, I understand what i am raising is something a lot of people has tought about, and might be added, yet i just wanted to voice it since i feel it is very important for the balance of the game. Couching a lance has been in the game for a while, and it is arguable one of the most satisfying...
  2. DetektivAro

    WB Other Could I...?

    I have 4 meshes representing one body (without a head mesh), I was thinking could I change it to a full-body model whit separate parts of the model having different animations, like the feet having the foot animations, the body having its animations...and so on. If I cant do it like that, could...
  3. Luminouscales

    Need More Info Ragdolls stuck between tournament rounds

    Summary: Occasionally, during tournaments, ragdolls of soldiers will carry over to the next round, albeit in a frozen, static state. How to Reproduce: No exact way, but playing tournaments once or twice will definitely yield results, as the bug is fairly common. Media (Screenshots & Video)...
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