1. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.7 beta] "Landowner Needs Pasture" Quest Bug

    I escort the villager party to the target location, but instead of spawning the enemy party (whom I always tell to "bug off"), this time the game did nothing. The villager party stays there indefinitely for several days until the quest times out. Their numbers even start to dwindle as they get...
  2. Stromming

    In Progress Train troops complete pop-up in bandit leader duel

    Summary: If you bring your last borrowed troops to hideout and they die, you get the pop-up asking you to choose to keep or send back troops to quest giver. Right in the middle of a the duel / battle against hideout leader How to Reproduce: see above Scene Name (if related): Hideout Media...
  3. N.tony

    Resolved 1.5.7 Deserter Extortion Quest - hungry deserters

    I've only noticed in the recent playthrough, but whenever the deserter party is spawned, it looks like it has no food, so by the time they get to the village, they lose a lot of people (more than a dozen from what I saw) Not sure if that's intended behavior
  4. ManWithKnife

    Dragon Banner Quest Failed

    I was fighting alongside the armies of The Empire. I had commited dozens of betrayals and just as many desperate rescues. I've executed the traitors who abandoned the cause of The Empire, as well as the filthy barbarians who dared to oppose it. I watched as our enemies picked us off one by one...
  5. Short_n_quick

    Need More Info [1.5.7 beta] Quests given by village notables are "seasonal"

    Quests which are given by village notables change over time globally. I will give example. At the beginning a lot of them give "manual laborers" quest, and maybe "seed grain". There are some different ones among them, but general trend is that most of them tend to require one thing. Then there...
  6. Resolved Epicrotea Nameplate indicating non-existing Quest.

    Epicrotea Nameplate indicating non-existing Quest. Save uploaded.
  7. In Progress 1.5.6 and beta 1.5.7 " Deliver the Herd" impossible to complete the task

    i can't give back to the npc the herd even i have them in my inventory, due to a bug caused by the same kind of horse but wounded. i notice that bug on aserai cause i play a lot on that side maybe it couldn't happened anywhere. for that mission i had to brought some aserai horse to an npc. I...
  8. SilverCrow02

    BL Coding How to implement quests

    Since I am looking to create my small own first mod I am looking to create a small quest. Since I am pretty new to modding BL I am asking if anyone has done its custom quest and if you did how did you do it? ( Also a bit of code would help me a ton )
  9. RodLimitless

    Need More Info Leader Gang weapons bug

    if u try to do the quest on version 1.5.5., lets say he needs 28 1h axes, u buy the axes, and then turn in the quest, they literally take up items in ur melee inventory (swords/polearms) for me it look my polearms and long glaives i had. >;( so yeah it's a big bug lol. i also was using the...
  10. Resolved "train troops" not acceptable again

    Did "train troops" and failed due to big fight in a war. Quest log updated properly, but there seems to still be a hidden flag on me, so I cannot accept the quest again. The NPC says I would still be on a similar mission and that would be interfering. Checked "known issues" and there only is...
  11. Short_n_quick

    Resolved [1.5.6 beta] Amount of items in "deliver the herd" quests is incorrect.

    In dialogue with notables number of items that need to be delivered appears to be off by 1. Later I will try to find out which way it works (if it's +1 on the receiver side or -1 on giver) and I will update post.
  12. Resolved Escort Caravan quest, Caravan immediately returns to city.

    So I'm not sure if this is a bug as much as its maybe just something that slipped through the cracks. Its happened 2 times now and I'm only 8. Its when I take an Escort Caravan quest from a merchant in Pravend, and I believe Saneopa (When it happened the first time, I didn't think much of it so...
  13. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [1.5.6 beta] Caravan went back to original city without going anywhere else.

    I picked up caravan escort quest at Lycaron, and started following caravan. It took several steps out of the city, then went back to Lycaron, and quest was completed. In quest log it is shown that caravan planned going to Phycaon, then entered Lycaron and quest ended. Now I recall, that in my...
  14. Resolved [1.5.6] Disrupt Supply Lines quest issue

    After engaging the specified Arms Dealer Caravan, i ended up with -260 influence although the quest outcome was positive. Finishing the quest seems to give 10 influence, but my total is now negative. From my analysis, the quest subtracted -300 points, as i had 32 influence before and it put...
  15. Kiwi!

    Resolved Quest bug

    Summary: I started a new game on the beta version 1.5.6 and with my party of 20 I entered the village called Tismil to get the quest called "Inn and Out". After that I went to Akkalat to go to the inn and play the game master for the quest. When I went into the Inn and tried to talk to the game...
  16. Medic position in fiefs, Tweak of death rate and Medicine Skill tree related quest

    This is going to be a long suggestion post with a few related suggestions. I leave here the main points: Introduce a medic position in towns or castles. This introduces a new option “Treat Wounds” that it allows you to hire a medic meanwhile in the town or castle and a pay doctor fee to boost...
  17. Posible improvements ?

    Hello Very happy with the game but so far there are certain things that may improve the gameplay . My thoughts: 1 Sacking of towns and castles for a big reward ? Maybe with options to ocupy , raid , sack ,etc . If villages get sacked why not castles or towns ? 2 Better control on clan parties...
  18. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Clan banner and 7 Knightly Virtues (COMPLETE STORYLINE)

    Type of quest: big and rather linear quest for the early game Why to implement: after completion you get to choose a symbol for your clan banner. Currently there is no story behind the player's banner. Quest requirement: After starting a new campaign, the player does not have a clan banner. The...
  19. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Settlers are welcome in our village

    Type of quest: small and linear (no alternative endings) quest for early-mid game Why to implement: it helps to rebuild prosperity of looted villages and gives quest variety. I would like to do a quest like that for my own village to help it grow faster and provide more denars for my main party...
  20. TheKowalczuk

    Resolved "Lord Needs Horses" quest

    The quest "Lord needs horses" requires 9 Desert Horses in inventory. I already got 11 Desert Horses but the quest is still stuck at 5 horses. I think it could be related to this issue: I tried to slaughter...
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