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  1. roadworker

    Resolved characters are kind of blurry/unsharp

    Summary: i have settings on high and very high - i have not played in a while, but the issue is new. when in fights, the characters look more strange a few meters away, then their texture details pop in when close, but still look unsharp Media (Screenshots & Video): its most visible at the...
  2. Joe Friday

    Does Quality of Troops Matter in Garrisons or Just Numbers?

    The question is the title. Does the quality of the troops matter in siege simulations or is it solely based off numbers? I would assume it's a combination of both. I try to throw in a good handful of top tier infantry and archers to bolster the militia and mid tiered garrison forces. I often...
  3. Monkey

    [1.4.1] Not sure how long it was like this. Saw it today and got excited. Eastern brass lamellar over mail sleeves fit into plated leather vambraces.

    Noticed eastern lamellar armor's sleeves' mesh changes in order to fit eastern plated leather vambraces and got the feeling art developers aren't ****ing around. This made me excited for what the future brings. If they keep this level of attention to detail in their quality standards until the...
  4. The Issue With Not Having Quality Modifiers On Equipment And Jackie Chan Movies (xPost)

    The issue is that it cheapens gameplay and accelerates progression too fast. So, we all know that as of right now there are a few things missing in this game. More notably some beloved features from our precious Warband. The first thing I wanted to cover was the lack of equipment modifiers and...
  5. ViriathusTG

    Quality of life suggestions

    Hey, I have some suggestions just for quality of life of the game, feel free to also post yours - Like in Warband, when you have a prisoner it shows next to your party number for example 13 + 2 - When you want to give your companion a weapon, then still be able to talk with the companion about...
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