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quality of life

  1. Empty battlefield to practice troop maneuvers

    I'd like to be able to open up an empty battlefield with my army on it (and no enemies) so I can practice troop commands without having to worry about screwing it up while the enemy is charging at me.
  2. SettraTheImperishable

    Turn off idle animations during character creation

    This is a minor issue, but for people like me, who like to spend a lot of time in the character creation menu making sure every facial feature is adjusted (near) perfectly, the movements the character make can become quite annoying. When I play an rpg game that has indept character...
  3. Suggestion -QoL- Hotkey tooltips

    Hi devs, I came back to the game after moving to another country. I remembered there was a way to follow a caravan or other group but didn't know the exact keys to do it anymore. I had to dig through old patch notes (and I found the old ones quite hard to find as well) - eventually found a line...
  4. SGT_Night

    Suggestion: Notification for when a fief is lost

    Right now we have a notification when our settlement is under siege, but we don’t have one when we lost it, would be nice to have a right side circle notification for this.
  5. Broad Suggestions for Immersion

    Some suggestions mostly for NPC and specifically NPC lord behaviors. As your Renown and Influence grows, it would be neat if you started attracting lords, and even minor factions to your banner. Everything has to be started by the player, which can get a bit tedious - as it feels like you're...
  6. Bannerman Man

    A "Travel To" button on pinned settlement nameplates

    When initiating travel to a distant off-screen settlement, the player must pan the screen over to the settlement to click on it. Once you've clicked, the screen then takes time to pan all the way back to the location of the player's party. Depending on the level of zoom the player is using, this...
  7. Fief and Lords Issues

    So I quit playing for a while to wait for more content to become available and have been super impressed by all the work that has been done to the game. That being said the things that are ruining the game for me are the inability to give away fiefs and the price of recruiting lords. I am...
  8. QoL change to waste less time on sidequests

    So, one annoying thing you think would have been coded in but wasn't, is that you can't just immediately have an option to complete quests when you already have what you need, making you waste time to talk with them again. e.g: Village leader asks for 30 grain. You are holding 50 grain and...
  9. Please give players the option to turn off night battles/sieges. In real life, they rarely took place at night!

    Historically, battles or sieges SELDOM took place at night for good reason. The vast majority of historical battles took place in the DAYTIME. Plus, there's the matter of eyestrain and the game is poorly optimized when it comes to lighting so that's a quality of life issue too. Please...
  10. Please allow players to toggle OFF night battles in Bannerlord

    Historically, battles or sieges SELDOM took place at night for good reason. The vast majority of historical battles took place in the DAYTIME. Plus, there's the matter of eyestrain and the game is poorly optimized when it comes to lighting so that's a quality of life issue too. Please...
  11. Crypex

    Quality of life improvements to the game

    With the new maps being in rotation and developers giving the player base new content I feel that the developers should add a new playlist that exclusively focuses on the new maps so players can explore the new maps. This quality of life improvement will not limit other players that want to play...
  12. Bleyck

    SP Native Iron Will - Kleptomania

    Iron Will - Kleptomania Being a criminal in Bannerlord is now more viable and flavorfull, with the mod Kleptomania's ability to steal trading goods and food from towns and villages. Although the interactions are limited to in-game menus, the goal is to create a Stealing mechanic with a...
  13. Justifier

    Blacksmithing QOL Suggestion

    Hello, Been enjoying the hell out of traveling Calradia as a Merchant Blacksmith, I travel to a town, buy out any goods that are green, sell the red, then I look at the equipment and buy the cheapest there is while forging it into my own then reselling it to the city. I've discovered that...
  14. Bleyck

    SP Native Iron Will - Wound Experience

    Iron Will - Wound Experience With inspirations from Kenshi, this true "survival of the fittest" experience makes your troop battle hardened by just the simple fact of not dying after a possible fatal blow. This decreases the grind for upgrading low tier troops and actually rewards the player...
  15. My feedback after playing Bannerlord

    I've been playing Bannerlord extensively since it's launch on Steam and this is my feedback. 1. Give players the option to siege/battle only in the daytime. Reason 1: Eyestrain. Sometimes Bannerlord is too bright, sometimes it's too dark. It's VERY HARD on the eyes. Reason 2: Medieval...
  16. wakko2k

    Tagging/marking important items in inventory

    When you mark/tag a item in your inventory, for example grain, if the grain depletes and all gets eaten I would love it if I buy more grain it is still tagged in the inventory so I dont have to tag it every single time i buy new batch of grain
  17. Bannerman Man

    [QoL Suggestion] How about a resume travel button or hotkey paired with locking on to a destination?

    We've probably all been in the scenario where we're travelling to a far off destination, when for one reason or another we have to take evasive action, whether it's to avoid (or even attack) a bandit party or hostile lord. Now, once the danger has passed, we have to scroll back over to the...
  18. (QOL)Settlement Icons by (PyroKinesis) needs to be added to the base Game

  19. Suggestion: shield bash cooldown indicator

    I understand that shield bash cooldown exist for reason but I don't think it's very natural. Could you add some kind of indicator that shows you when you can't use it? something like couched lance symbol but with shield?
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