1. Vetrogor

    WB Coding WRECK full plugin system python code how to integrate?

    I need to integrate python code in the fully integrated WRECK via plugin system. This code creates duplicate noswing weapons for motomotaru formations. I don't know python well. So how can I do it? This code doesn't work. from copy import deepcopy from compiler import * register_plugin() def...
  2. CutContent

    WB Coding Python not working for Module System

    I have in my enviroment variables the path set to where Python is "C:\Python-2.6.7" But when I run MS i get a string of errors saying 'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  3. WB Coding M&B Warband - How to create a mod on 1.174 with ModS 1.171 ?

    Hello guys, I found the tutorial wich explains how to create a module with Python and Warband's module system, however it seems to be too old. I'm on Windows 10, with Warband 1.174 and the last module by TaleWorlds. Please, someone can explain me how to create a module ? When I follow the...
  4. BL Coding Bannerlord Mods via IronPython?

    After hearing about this test mod, I was wondering if anyone else has done tests in using other programming languages with Bannerlord. The big thing keeping me from trying to mod the game more is that every update breaks mods that use DLL files, and not everyone releases their source code mods...
  5. man_versus_chat

    I made a script to play Bannerlord through twitch chat!

    It was a pretty fun project done with python, AHK, and a few modules. I think melee might be extremely difficult, but ranged may be okay! This is a video going through the tutorial and showing it off! : I think it would need more viewers to spam before it could really do much. But it was a fun...
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