1. ulufarkas

    Game-Related Items for Purchase

    I think we all loved atmosphere of the new game. I have several question about it. Will there be physcial version (box) of the Bannerlord? If yes, will it include some game related exclusive gifts inside it? Or will there be option for us to purchase game-related real-life toys/items? Like game...
  2. Mark Your Average Purchase Price (Of the item in your current inventory, Trading)

    Simple & Straightforward. Also, this purchase price should appear in the same window as the avg. sale price, at the top, you would have the avg. cost you payed for that item in your inventory (if purchased). If you are going to sink SP in & get to track the avg. sale price of an item, you...
  3. 9yearsago

    If I buy Early Access

    If I buy the game in early access state, will my purchase be carried on to the full release when it comes out? They said price won't go up in full release but let's assume that it did, am I going to need to pay only the price difference between EA and full release or something else?
  4. Release of SinglePlayer Beta

    Hello, So I was desperate and stupid enough to purchase a beta key for $18. I saw a YouTube title from one of those guys who play the game endlessly and it said "Single Player beta gameplay!". I immediately googled for a way to buy a key, and came across an opportunity on a website and didn't...