1. Resolved Archers, Javelins AI shooting before their target.

    Summary: Problem is archers (also javelins) AI( even tier 6 ) in battles when they are shooting it always target ground before enemies (1-10m depending on total distance). They start to hit their target only around 30-50m. Problem still exists with or without any mod, even after clean install...
  2. ronfino

    In Progress Threw/shot projectiles sticking on invisible walls

    Summary: I randomly threw an harpoon because no one was in the was server and it just sticked onto an invisible wall. How to Reproduce: Throw/shoot projectile on the walls Scene Name (if related): Harbour of Ovsk Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  3. SP - Battles & Sieges Missile Speed and Missile Weight

    I'm not sure to how much depth the missile mechanics go, but I've read people saying that the longer the distance the lower the damage of the projectile and that the AI is smart enough to understand at what distance they should fire in order to cause reasonable damage. But in practice we see...
  4. Do troops use multiple projectile weapons for more ammo?

    Asking as I'm making custom troops in Morgh's Editor. Warband v1.174 For example, if you have a troop has a sword, shield (guaranteed), and two copies of the same throwing weapon in their inventory, does that fill all 4 equip slots for double ammo ingame or will they only use one? How about...
  5. DetektivAro

    Can I change where projectile exits from weapon?

    Let's say I have a gun, but I'm holding it next to my right hip. How could I make the bullet come from the barrel and not where it normally exits from a crossbow?
  6. Need More Info Skill perks not applied in battle for ranged weapons

    e1.0.5 Medium end rig (4770K/GTX970/16Gigs Ram) Can be reproduced in every single campaign map battle when these perks are acquired, ones that add extra projectiles do not function at all. The bonus in the skill tree that add extra arrows to your quiver or extra thrown projectiles does not...
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