1. SireKorentos_TV

    Modify the flow of time - (modding help)

    Hello, 👋 I'm new as regards modding, and I would like to create a "native mod like", but which would be more realistic. The first element I would like to modify is the flow of time in the game. The speed of time isn't to be modify, I just want to set that a year in game is not made up of 80...
  2. Schlarkenstein

    Resolved 1.5.8 Project incorrect construction calculation - adding more money to reserve makes construction take longer

    I was given a castle and the construction times are all out of whack - Originally this project said 9 days (Which was already incorrect due to having very low construction). I added money to the reserve and the amount of days went up: I added more money and the amount of days to complete went...
  3. sniparsexe

    TW is looking for software engineers, that will work on Bannerlord.. and on an UNANNOUNCED PROJECT

    What is that Unannounced project in your opinion? A new game? Something related to Bannerlord?
  4. Nerdie

    BL Projet de Traduction Française du Jeu

    Salut à tous! Nous vous proposons aujourd'hui notre projet de traduction française de Bannerlord. Nous savons que des projets ont déjà été lancés : que ce soit Daneel ou le Crowdin. Nous venons de ce dernier mais nous avons eu un différend artistique sur le mobile final de notre traduction. En...
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