1. Strykerdamus

    How about a Modding Contest?

    Taleworlds could hold a modding contest over the next 6 months. Perhaps selecting 5, 10 or more mods to win the contest, and winners would have their mods added directly into the game. They could even have community voting on the mods to see who should win. Maybe a prize of some sort? Winning...
  2. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.4] Tournament Sparing Weapons as prize

    Currently it can happen that you can win a sparing weapon as a tournament prize (something like the Norse Sparing Axe). Which has the same values as the normal version but has blunt damage instead. Is this intended?
  3. seanparkerfilms

    Need More Info Tournament issue: prizes display internal dev info

    Summary: This tournament prize has a bug and shows the wrong info to players. How to Reproduce: During a tournament in Iyakis, I noticed that if I hovered over the prize in the navigation menu (which in this case was an Aserai Horse), it would show some information that seems intended for "devs...
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