1. Fanto

    Resolved Bug with ransom money from the lords [1.6.2]

    Summary: I do not receive ransom money from the lords captured in my prison in 1.6.2 Beta. How to Reproduce: Validate the ransom offered by the messenger. Have you used cheats and if so which: No. Scene Name (if related): Argoron Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  2. Fanto

    Need More Info Dungeons problems

    In 1.5.3, the lords of other kingdoms put their captured lords in my dungeon and I get their ransoms. Exemple in my game : Vlandia and Battania are in war. Battanians lord captured Vlandians lords and stock them in my city dungeon (Car Banseth). Vlandians lord do the same with battanians lord...
  3. Virthuss

    Need More Info Ransomed lord re-appears on my castle's jails

    Here is the scenario: - I'm in war with the Southern Empire, having my own faction. I declared the war. - I take the last South Empire castle (Sestadeim Castle). A enemy lord is then found in jail. The Southern Empire doesn't have town, castle, or village anymore, but the faction remains. - I...
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