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prisoner recruitment

  1. Resolved unnamedMobileParty

    Started new campaign a couple of days before 1.5.8. After updating to most recent beta version, I got some bugs (non-recruitable prisoners, not loading icons of items, troops and npc's etc.) and one of them is my party's name changed to unnamedMobileParty. All other parties ar named correctly...
  2. rawrager

    Need More Info Sturgian Horse Raider can't be recruited from prisoners

    There are 27 Sturgian Horse Raider (tier 5) in my prisoners but no matter how long the time passed not one offered to join my party. Note that I have recruited Bucelarii (tier5) from my prisoners before, so this is not a unit tier issue.
  3. scarface52

    Prisoner recruitment improvements

    Some of these are probably on your to-do list, but a post wouldn't hurt I guess. 1) Assuming that prisoners share conformity like XP, have a bar to show conformity progress and requirement. There is no explanation of this mechanic in the game currently. 2) Show morale changes for prisoner...
  4. Resolved Bugg recruiting prisioners

    Summary: Tier 5 troops cant be recruited if they are your prisioners How to Reproduce: When you have tier 5 troops as prisioners no matter how muchh time you have it they dont want to be recruited Quest/Settlement Name (if related): no quest related, only recruitment Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  5. ChicoSmoothSkin

    Prisoners and Dungeons

    I would love to be able to stash prisoners in dungeons and have the ability to slowly convert them, so that they can later join the Garrison and I can recruit them from there. As of now they just stay there and do nothing, I have to bring them back to my party, have the burden of them staying...
  6. Ackdam

    Noble prisoners and "guests"

    A bug post was put up about an enemy noble appearing in the lord's hall of a newly acquired fief after a successful siege. The Lord/Lady would appear in the lord's hall and not have the prisoner chains icon added to their preview portrait. This is a thought of mine that spawned from that post...
  7. Need More Info Roguery doesn't level up from recruiting and training bandit troops.

    I've been using a lot of bandit troops throughout the entirety of my game because one of the best ways to get troops is to hoard prisoners and slowly recruit them. However I've never gotten a level up while levelling up bandit troops or recruiting them. I'd be a much, much higher roguery level...
  8. Need More Info Prisoner Recruitment bug

    Hello there, I've played this game for quite a bit and i am having quite a blast with it. I've recently noticed something that might be intentional or simply a bug i am not entirely sure. I got my own castle started, beating lords and capturing the units i am interested in, now, there seems to...
  9. kreamy

    Prisoner & Loot screen combined

    Please do this. Seems easy & straightforward. I dont want to click twice, access should be in 1 screen, and I should be able to take all prisoner and loot in 1 click.
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