1. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding Health Bars

    Hey guys, sorry to double post. I found this code for a health bar presentation code, but for some reason they aren't appearing in-game. ("multiplayer_agent_hp_bar", prsntf_read_only, 0, [ (ti_on_presentation_load, [...
  2. AlbertFaubrein

    WB Coding Presentation's slider not working

    Hello, I have a problem with my presentation, I create a range of image_buttons but only 3 of them are working and like the title say my presentation's slide is not working. Thanks for your help.
  3. Azremen

    WB Coding Raising Troop Attributes in both client and server side

    Hello fellow modders I wish to ask a question about one operation in a spesific situation on warband. So I was using troop raise skill and troop raise attribute on server side which troop was in use by a player. I couldn't test it properly if it affects agility or athletics skill properly for...
  4. Dalion

    OSP Code QoL Particle Preview Presentation

    Is the description really necessary? Warband doesn't provide any ways to preview particles before using, so I made my own. IMPORTANT NOTE: I strongly advise not putting it in combat missions! Here's why: - since this presentation doesn't have prsntf_read_only flag, it disables your ability...
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