1. Gustafssonz

    In Progress Merchant/artisan in Cities have negative Power

    Not sure what triggers it. I think one person-in-town/merchant/artisan got negative after I did the quest "a new gang moved in" where you battle off another gang in the town. Here is just one random with negative (other nobles in this town also have negative) Another merchant/Artisan, in a...
  2. Bannerman Man

    Resolved An analysis of the major issues with disappearing notables and the mechanic that controls their daily power change.

    Summary: Notables are disappearing at a high rate (especially in villages). Below, I've identified what I think are the some of the major causes. This post is copied from a comment I made in another bug report for the sake of visibility. Details: When a new game is created, notables are...
  3. Sgtskywalk

    Enhanced Clans and Kingdoms

    My suggestions for Clans and Kingdoms: 1. Allow independent thought and actions within each Clan. Allow plots, overthrows, in-fightings, duels, trials, executions, feasts, organized marriages and betrothals, assassinations and splitting of the Clan into smaller Clans. Those things could be...
  4. Medivhtratos

    Resolved [1.5.1] Notable Power still decreasing

    Hello developers and Community Supporters After a decent amount of ingame time i saw in a battania village a Notable with a negative Power Number(-97 or so). Since this shouldn´t happen after a hotfix in 1.4.3 i thought i should report this. I also tested it with a notable in Rhotae who startet...
  5. Apocal

    Does anyone know what is supposed to affect Notable power?

    I just realized that purchasing a caravan from a town artisan or merchant gave them a modest (+4?) to their power. I thought it was restricted to quests but apparently not... Anyone know what makes their power go up? Or down, that helps too.Because I definitely want to do everything possible to...
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