1. Vileman

    In Progress Português (BR) A separate letter in the clan name

    Translation Error: Add a letter "A" before you clan name, don't matter what name you choose for the clan. Example: Corrected Translation: Don't need this letter. I changed the language for English for make a test...
  2. Vombora

    Resolved Português (BR) Disbanding companion party

    Translation Error: One missing word and no translation for the second sentence. Isn't there any way I could help you guys in a more direct way? Put me in contact with your localisation guys and we can fix all text in a few days. Corrected Translation: "Estamos nos dispersando. Nós estamos indo...
  3. Vombora

    In Progress Português (BR) Nicknames from City NPCs

    Translation Error: Image 1: Nickname "the Scythe" from Gang Members translated to "o Gadanho". This word is unkown and makes no sense to use it. Image 1: Nickname "Silversmith" wrongly translated to "o Prateiro". Sounds like the guy who works with plates and not silver. Image 2: Nickname...
  4. Vombora

    Resolved Português (BR) Missing verb when trying to persuade marriage

    Translation Error: Missing verb to indicate what Aldric needs to do. He is supposed to give a blessing, which translates to "dar a bênção" as the clan leader. Verb "dar" is missing. Corrected Translation: "Aldric, como líder da nossa família, terá que dar a bênção". The rest is ok. Where did you...
  5. Vombora

    In Progress Português (BR) Some item names

    Translation Error: 1 - Item "Hides" was translated to "Pelegos". Although the translation is not wrong, this word is mostly unknown and never used in this context. There are better options. 2 - Item "Jewelry" was wrongly translated to "Joalheria", which literally means "Jewel Shop". 3 - Item...
  6. Vombora

    In Progress Português (BR) Smithing UI and created items

    Translation Error: Image 1: When you forge any item, the default adjective "Crafted X..." is wrongly translated to "Fabricou X...", which doesn't fit. "Fabricou" translates to a verb, just like "Has crafted". Image 2: The button "Free Build" at the top is wrongly translated to "Construção...
  7. Vombora

    In Progress Português (BR) One line not translated and the next one is a bit dubious.

    Translation Error: I've found two sentences in the same event. "Um...What are you saying?" is not translated. Also, the next long line from the guard has one phrase that makes no sense with the original english line (second pic), as it follows: "Bom, agora que você é uma pessoa honesta, ..."...
  8. Vombora

    In Progress Português (BR) Misleading translation

    Translation Error: "Ransom your prisioners" translated to "Pagar o resgate dos prisioneiros" is misleading, sounds like our character would be the one to pay for the ransom because of the verb "Pagar", which means "To Pay". Corrected Translation: "Receber o resgate dos prisioneiros" is the...
  9. Vombora

    In Progress Português (BR) Options -> Performance

    Translation Error: Number of ragdolls - "Número de bonecos de pano". Corrected Translation: "Número de Corpos com Física" (which means "Number of bodies with physics", or it could also be "Número de Ragdolls", as it's just common for games to simply not translate the term "Ragdoll". Where did...
  10. Monkey

    Tradução para o Português do Brasil?

    Há algum projeto em andamento para traduzir o jogo para o Português do Brasil?
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