1. Seek n Destroy

    SP Medieval [WB][Submod][LSP] Iberia Map for Hispania 1200

    Iberia Map Replacement for Hispania 1200 Hello gents, this here is a submod for the base version of Hispania 1200 that replaces the base map of the mod with one made by rgcotl, some additional changes include repositioning the parties, tweaking some scripts so the sea travel system from the mod...
  2. Bannerlord Portugal

    Bannerlord Portugal

    Comunidade Portuguesa Aqui irão encontrar a informação necessária da comunidade portuguesa no Bannerlord, lista de jogadores, equipas portuguesas e até mesmo eventos que possam envolver Portugal dentro do jogo. Se têm um clã português e querem que seja partilhado no grupo mandem MP e a lista...
  3. ViriathusTG

    Knights Order of Aviz [EU]

    The Knights Order of Aviz was military order made under the Reconquista in Portugal, to fight off the infidels of the Iberian Peninsula! We are an English speaking European clan formed from different communities from Napoleonic Wars, Holdfast and Arma 3. If you would like to get in contact...
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