1. Meaning481

    Resolved [Beta 1.5.8] Item portraits rendering poorly.

    First, I searched to see if anyone else reported this, but couldn't find anything. After the 1.5.8 hotfix resolving item icons not loading in inventory menus, I created several new games and found rendering issues in these portraits. Screenshot here: I will upload a save with this thread linked...
  2. StaceMcGate

    Resolved NPC & Item Portraits missing e1.5.8

    Been playing the new patch for last 2 hours, and have twice now seen all item, npc, and recruit portraits disappear entirely and replaced by a loading icon. The issue is not resolved by loading, and instead resolved by quitting the game program entirely and restarting. Game settings: High...
  3. Apocal

    Resolved Faction color not displayed in thumbnail portrait.

    I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but it has been this way for awhile now and I haven't seen anyone report it yet.
  4. Apocal

    Portraits for KIA lords?

    Hey, phone posting so no mockup, but can we please get the portraits of dead lords displayed at the top of the victory screen after battle? The little text block in the corner is good but it would be easier to put a face to the name of whoever died. There is some space between the renown...
  5. Circle314

    Resolved Battanian nobles more like otherworldly abominations than people

    Summary: Winter 4, 1092 - We have just captured Kranirog Castle back from the duplicitous Battanians. Curse those highlanders, declaring war whilst we were occupied battling against our age old foes in the Empire. We shall not forget this! The prisoners below noble station are all impaled and...
  6. Circle314

    Resolved [Beta e1.3.0] Right click on character portrait in tavern displaying incorrect character

    Summary: Right click on character portrait displaying incorrect character How to Reproduce: Caveat - this has only happened to me once, screenshots attached in case it is to do with the character Visit a town Go to the tavern view Right click on a character at the tavern Quest/Settlement Name...
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