1. In Progress Council of the common, imperial towns policies : No effect on influence

    Summary: The policies Council of the commons and imperial towns are supposed to have an effect on influence but have none. How to Reproduce: Vote policies, no change in daily influence. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  2. Immersive Clans

    Couldn't think of a better name and decided to go the skyrim route. My idea is simple, currently there are 2 paths to victory 1. National Hero, you rise through the ranks and lead your people to victory 2. Unifyer, through dogged determination you bring the numerous lords under your control but...
  3. Andreypride

    In Progress Policies "Charter of liberties" broken?

    I don't see a 10% increase to the militia. This is broken? Maybe I'm not looking there? Or is it just me?
  4. StaceMcGate

    Kingdom decisions do not affect relations

    In all versions of the game I've played, including the latest Beta 1.5.10, decisions as a ruler have never positively or negatively affected relations with vassals. The only way to negatively affect relations as a King is to disband armies or choosing opposing looting stances in sieges. Can...
  5. niekdegrijze

    cultures could have different kinds of army builds

    At the moment every faction has the same army size and tier distribution. my suggestion is to have 1 faction create bigger parties and cheaper armies (less influence cost) but consists mostly of lower tier units And have another faction create smaller but more elite parties and possible more...
  6. Tintenkobold

    Resolved Bugs with policies

    I took some time to test policies and realized there are bugs and strange things in there. For example "noble retinues". It says clans with 4+ tier should receive +1 influence per day and gain +50 troop size. If I activate it, my influence decreases by -1. So either the description is wrong or...
  7. Factions not enacting new policies in 1.5.1

    I’ve been a mercenary for Vlandia for a few years now and in all that time no faction has introduced any new policies. At first I thought it was because the faction leader never have enough influence to do it, bu even when they get enough they don’t bother. Does the AI require set parameter to...
  8. Nawki

    [Beta 1.4.0] Ai influence steamroll

    Hello, I run one 10 year simulation Bonus: colors shows clans changing sides -In late game almost every clan can make and disband (few times) very large "army group" with this amount of influence -Ai never rollback polices only add new ones and other 3 random simulations Mod used: Dev...
  9. kreamy

    Kreamys Real Warfare Suggestions -> Game concepts, | Faction Goods |, Economy, Infrastructure, Recruiting & Policies

    Current as of May 1, 2020. Draft 0.1.1 (Framework laid, WIP) Recently updates/additions Please comment constructively so I can incorporate your suggestions to this list. Feel free to quote and restructure/edit a portion in a quoted spoiler-> please color your changes edits & formats, and...
  10. Lawspeakers

    This policy is awful. I'm in a clan and this passed without me being able to vote. Now I'm -40 influence. I can't start an army, I can't do anything. Raising your charm is *expensive*. I'm up to 75 and it's still considered low charm so I guess I'll just never be able to vote or assemble an...
  11. GG Cannon

    Council of Commons policy not affecting Villages.

    The text of the Council of Commons states that it affects all settlements. That should include Villages, Castles and Towns. Yet, it is not currently affecting villages, so they do not receive the increased Militia production due to the policy.
  12. Rejecting Your Own Policies Exploit?

    If you propose a policy/propose to disavow one you become the leader of the yes camp while another lord becomes the leader of the no camp. You can then choose to support the no camp which will increase your relationship with the leader by a certain amount depending on how much influence you...
  13. Vidortan

    Need More Info Kingdom Policy Fails Despite Having Majority of Votes

    When a policy is up for a vote, the majority sometimes will fail despite having more support. Why is this? I assume this is a bug.
  14. Kingdom Policies

    Hello. I have formed my own kingdom in Bannerlord. I am the only Clan in my kingdom. I have been trying to set up kingdom policies but there's a bug there. Whenever i click on yes it automatically selects no. Here is a screenshot of the same. I have tried this with almost all policies. Cannot...
  15. Need More Info Council of Commons Policy breaks politics system

    Summary: Council of Commons policy gives an extreme amount of influence, causing the kingdom to quickly conquer the whole campaign map. How to Reproduce: Be in a faction which has the Council of Commons policy active. More information: I don't think this works as intended. This ''seemingly...
  16. Vitar

    Nerf: Council of Commons

    Isn't this policy too powerful? Usually you get influence very slow. But this policy can provide around 60-90 influence per day if you own 3-4 fiefs. Seems not balanced with other sources of influence income.
  17. manekemaan

    Unresolved Land tax not being paid to player as king, instead a negative sum is deducted daily

    Summary: When you enable the "Land tax" policy as a ruling clan, you see your daily budget go down as you suddenly have to pay the land tax yourself. And you don't receiv anything as well. How to Reproduce: Have a kingdom, be the ruling clan with enough fiefs and vassals. enable the land tax...
  18. BazingJava

    Policy Influence cost issue

    I have my own kingdom. Have 88 influence. I decide to spend 50 influence points in a policy. So after clicking vote my influence is -66. Shouldn't it be 38?
  19. Need More Info Negative Influence as my own kingdom

    I just did the Royal Guard Kingdom policy. I had 56 influence and I'm the only noble in my kingdom, I passed the bill with approval but I randomly got -96 influence.
  20. ocoini

    Kingdom Policy "problem" -influence constantly :)

    The policies Trial by Jury and Sacred Majesty is very punishing in combination... -2 influence pr day, making me totally unable to vote for anything, and as abstaining gives -reputation, it's bit odd.. :) Either I am missing something or we are intended to be able to overthrow the ruler? Are...
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