1. Polearm swing speeds and assorted suggestions

    Hi, I feel that the swing speeds on some polearms are severely imbalanced and keeping them back. For instance a swordstaff is just a steel head on a pole,should be relatively thin and light. A voulge head is a thick piece of metal, probably 5-6x the weight of the swordstaff head. I can get a...
  2. Need More Info Smithing Polearm Broken

    So I just combined the Bent Razor Head and the Pine Spear Staff to make my first polearm with my new character. I got ~60 levels of smithing, levelled up twice from 9 to 11, the polearm is worth 106k denars, and has the following stats, far superior to anything else for my early game character...
  3. No polearms in the back Plz

    Hi all, As the tittle says could you make polearms (Spears, poles, etc) that are not in use to not be showing in the back. It's just a suggestion, and something that bothers me greatly.
  4. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    Spears suck, here's why and a few possible solutions

    Spears and pikes are terrible to the point of being useless in Bannerlord. Or any polearm, really, their main advantage is being a group fighting weapon and their immense reach. Now irl, if you've a shield and proper training with it, it is possible that you can block one thrust and rush in to...
  5. Artemeis

    Cavalry with glaives/menavlions abuse.

    I play Skirmish in group of 6 players nearly every day, and we have noticed the abuse that is gaining popularity. There are two factions that can use cutting polearms as cavalry-Khuzaits(Lancer) and Empire(Courser). It can be countered with lances and spears, but: 1)The amount of damage is...
  6. Polearm

    Why does Bannerlord polearm not deal damage when it hits an enemy? In warband it worked like that and you didn't have to click. In my opinion it was much nicer and more real and I would love to see it in bannerlord. What u think about it?
  7. Need More Info Couch damage removed from weapons.

    After updating to version e1.0.6 today, I noticed I couldn't couch my Fine Steel Menavlion but could last night. I thought I wasn't getting enough speed at first for some reason but after trying several times, I never got the option to hit "X" to couch the weapon. Then I looked at the weapon in...
  8. Need More Info Pole arms

    I just made a character and bought a spike pole arm and it won’t let me switch to it on my horse, any ideas? A bow is my main hand. Maybe I’m pressing wrong button but I’m pressing switch weapon.
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