1. Lornloth00

    NPCs avoid collisions

    Many times in settlements NPCs bump into each other and the player all the time. Its especially noticeable when having a conversation with characters settlements. Towns folk just walk right into either the player or the character they are talking to, bumping into the player and sometimes just...
  2. BL Coding Replace player model with custom 3d model

    I would like to replace the player model in simulations with a custom 3d model. Can you give me some hints how i could accomplish that?
  3. ShillinG

    Becoming a monarch

    Can a player become the monarch of faction after actual ruler death on the election?
  4. xGreedo

    Player War Diplomacy

    Isn't it ridiculous that the player can start - end and then start again wars with no penalty what so ever? What do i mean? Example: Player creates a kingdom declares war to a kingdom takes a castle/city and makes peace. 1 day later players declares a war with the same faction takes a...
  5. Joe Friday

    Governor: Player vs Companion

    So, I believe I understand the perks and roles of how companions operate as governors. What of the player? I don't know how to assign myself as governor to a settlement. Am I the governor of all the settlements that are not assigned to a companion? Or am I only the governor of a settlement that...
  6. About Inheritance - small and simple (can be done later with TW accepts)

    One thing that is bit sad is when your hero (the one you playing) dies, you lose all his gear and inventory.. So, I was thinking of something very simple. When the heroes or member of your clan dies (your clan, since the AI randomly gives gears and not unique weapons to lords), I notice that...
  7. Player clan marriages, barter for peace diplomacy

    How come the clan member are married off to outside clans when the player is not yet a lord or a king (no kingdom) but the moment they're in a kingdom its the opposite? Npc clan members are married off to the players clan? This makes the marriage mechanic still somewhat unbalanced mid to late...
  8. Lukar

    Kingdom of player Faction Color Problem.

    When the player create his own kingdom there should the Faction Color applayed on troops and banners not look uniformly for example for sturgia culture they would look all blue even when the player have other sigil and background color. I hope this will be added to Bannerlord so every custom...
  9. limier

    In Progress [Issue] [Bug] As faction leader, player don't earn/lose rep when granting fiefs to faction's lords.

    I won the vote and became the new faction leader of Sturgia after the king death. Then I noticed a bug, when the vote to grant fiefs to other faction's lords pops in, and I picked one of the lords, there was no gain or loss of reputation with the lords involved in the vote. Is it just me or...
  10. Perks system

    Hey, Came back playing bannerlord now that quite a few advancements has been made and i'm glad to see that the most the perks are more or less implemented and functional. However there are few things that really confuse me. 1. Abundance of Captain and Governor perks. I mean they seem cool and...
  11. Resolved 1.5.10 Short Bow Requirement too High

    Summary: If I make a character/hero that only starts with 10 bow skill, I no longer can use a bow? Was this intended? Do I need to put an archer wanderer hero and have them bleed bow skill to me now? How to Reproduce: Make a hero with low bow skill to start. Get good with a lace I suppose. Have...
  12. Feedback

    Why can't i choose my weapons from the start?

    So i made a Valandia character, picked my skill points for crossbow mostly and then started with bow and arrows. Okay, its early access, so i went to the nearest City and there was a Decent Crossbow but it took allmost all my starting gold and the city didnt even sell any bolts! Can u please...
  13. BL 3D Art Exporting Player Character Face 3D Model

    Is there a way to export the player's face or full body mesh in order to import into Blender or other 3D programs? I have come across TpacTool and found the assets from the native, but I don't believe it has my character's face in the files that are imported. Am I overlooking a folder somewhere?
  14. Player and NPC Attributes

    Attributes. Currently they're a bit dull - you get one attribute every three levels and besides increasing the learning limit of their governing skills they don't really do a whole lot to justify that level of rarity. Especially when there's perks that are dedicated to give you one of these...
  15. Holy Shift

    Custom Char Creation Without Any Culture Bonus

    Yes. Players will give their focus an attribute points freely at cost of no culture bonus.
  16. Player Campaign Stats

    Hello everyone and hopefully Taleworlds. Im the kind of gamer that really likes to get invested within games and how you progress through them. With that being said, I would like to see a system that tracks your game actions such as: kills deaths Player soldiers lost/killed Castles Sieged...
  17. In depth Family tree?

    I married a girl from sturgia, her brother, father are my friends. It would give it more depth if they will be seen as my brother in law, father in law. Nephew, nieces. At least for 1 generation. IDK if this is planned or not, just a suggestion. Also if they r related to me & their faction is...
  18. Speaker

    Resolved Player Encounter with Villagers after taking them prisoner is stuck.

    Enough talking. Now march. Is the dialogue screen, brand new game and on attacking some villagers. Any option that I click I cannot get out of. Image
  19. Riffraff99

    @Tale Worlds Problem with mad, toxic, offending Players in MP

    There is a huge problem with mad, toxic, offending players in MP wich bother other players in fact theyre new in a game mode, make their own thing, dont comunicate alot, this musst stop! This mad, toxic, offending players chase away new players from Bannerlord, i dont think this progression is...
  20. Holy Shift

    Dialog Bug with Hostile NPC in Player Led Army.

    If i ask 'Neretzes Folly' to a NPC Lord which we are in a war with, i cant attack them at campaign map and i have to pursue NPC led party/army one more time no matter i recently choosen 'i dont care, surrender or die' option .
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