1. BL 3D Art Exporting Player Character Face 3D Model

    Is there a way to export the player's face or full body mesh in order to import into Blender or other 3D programs? I have come across TpacTool and found the assets from the native, but I don't believe it has my character's face in the files that are imported. Am I overlooking a folder somewhere?
  2. Player and NPC Attributes

    Attributes. Currently they're a bit dull - you get one attribute every three levels and besides increasing the learning limit of their governing skills they don't really do a whole lot to justify that level of rarity. Especially when there's perks that are dedicated to give you one of these...
  3. Holy Shift

    Custom Char Creation Without Any Culture Bonus

    Yes. Players will give their focus an attribute points freely at cost of no culture bonus.
  4. Player Campaign Stats

    Hello everyone and hopefully Taleworlds. Im the kind of gamer that really likes to get invested within games and how you progress through them. With that being said, I would like to see a system that tracks your game actions such as: kills deaths Player soldiers lost/killed Castles Sieged...
  5. In depth Family tree?

    I married a girl from sturgia, her brother, father are my friends. It would give it more depth if they will be seen as my brother in law, father in law. Nephew, nieces. At least for 1 generation. IDK if this is planned or not, just a suggestion. Also if they r related to me & their faction is...
  6. Speaker

    Resolved Player Encounter with Villagers after taking them prisoner is stuck.

    Enough talking. Now march. Is the dialogue screen, brand new game and on attacking some villagers. Any option that I click I cannot get out of. Image
  7. Riffraff99

    @Tale Worlds Problem with mad, toxic, offending Players in MP

    There is a huge problem with mad, toxic, offending players in MP wich bother other players in fact theyre new in a game mode, make their own thing, dont comunicate alot, this musst stop! This mad, toxic, offending players chase away new players from Bannerlord, i dont think this progression is...
  8. Holy Shift

    Dialog Bug with Hostile NPC in Player Led Army.

    If i ask 'Neretzes Folly' to a NPC Lord which we are in a war with, i cant attack them at campaign map and i have to pursue NPC led party/army one more time no matter i recently choosen 'i dont care, surrender or die' option .
  9. Player Loot Rebalance

    your armor and weapons feel like a dead end, everything in the game can be lost and replaced but once you equip something its forever. why not match player loot prices with the prices for soldiers (since it only makes sense your paying for their armor and weapons), and just make it possible to...
  10. BL Coding How to make edits to animation that only affect the player

    Hi everyone, so I absolutely hate how slow it is to reload the bow. I don't think that it's realistic for a 200 level archer to be so slow in reloading the bow and shooting it (Lars Andersen has videos on how an expert archer is expected to shoot 2 arrows before the first even lands on the...
  11. Lord Blueberry

    Need More Info [Melee System] Swing sometimes hangs (and does not release/attack), usually when chaining

    Sometimes when holding an attack, the game glitches out and the attack doesn't actually release (character stays in "weapon held" mode), i've noticed this happening mostly with the chaining animation. I haven't been able to reproduce this at will, but i've seen it happen enough to observe it as...
  12. What's your go-to loadout for your player?

    I tend to go for the same load out every time. (Noble) Bow Arrows 2h (Executioner axe) Polearm (long glaive or other swingable polearm) Bow and arrows is pretty obvious, it gives a reliable ranged option while fighting from horseback, though I mostly only use it in the early game. 2h Axe for...
  13. Improving the player customisation

    I would love to see ginger hair added to the game to allow more people to create character a character that associates to them or to a certain faction. Battania is very much like the Celtics who were known for their ginger hair and beards. Just a small tweak that wouldn't take much time at all...
  14. Convertible XP from kills

    Hello and welcome. I see quite a lot of discussions about character progression system in the game and ideas on how to change/improve it. I'd like to suggest something that might serve as a "bridge" between warband 'XP/kill -> player LVL -> skill improvement' and bannerlords 'usage of skill ->...