1. In Progress Multiplayer - Extreme Lag Ever Since New (better) Router, but No Problems with FPS or Ping

    So I used to be able to play multiplayer perfectly, until two weeks ago when I got a new router. The router itself is way better than the old one, which was overheating and causing ping spikes in connection since it was like ancient, and with the new one I am able to play every game I have with...
  2. ParzivaI

    In Progress Ping Issue

    I noticed in the last 3 days that my ping increased from 44-46 EU to 57-60 EU, My internet is still the same ... I use fiber Internet and it's very stable (415-420Mbps download and 105Mbps Upload) My ping has been the same for all this months, any reason for this sudden increase?
  3. ChristopherR

    North American Servers

    Dear TaleWorlds Entertainment, I am writing to outline and potentially settle a complaint shared among many within the NA community. There is reasonable validity within these grievances. The Development team has implemented a new way of queuing in M.P. - Users may select between two regions...
  4. Gardrop Fuat

    Very unstable ping in European servers since sunday

    For three days I have very unstable ping in european servers(100-150), usually it is around 60. My location is istanbul, I have 100Mbit internet speed and my ping is fine in all games and speed tests. Weird thing is, no one complains in the server except me. I heard that EU servers were moved...
  5. Crypex

    Resolved Ping Just Keeps getting worse

    Hello, I used to have decent ping on Bannerlord servers and after September my ping just kept getting worse. My ping used to be a 30-40 then jumped to 60 now i am always in 90-100 and sometimes I am in 150+. Nothing changed, my download speed is actually better my router is the same and...
  6. Sergej

    In Progress problems with ping, it is not only high but also unstable

    After the last update, I have problems with ping, it is not only high but also unstable. There are no problems with the provider, all pings and data transmission and reception are checked
  7. Crypex

    MP ping getting worse by every patch

    Hello I noticed that by the end of each patch my ping just keeps getting worse in NA servers. For perspective I used to have 40 ping during the earlier stages of MP say 1.3 etc. as it kept going on post 1.5 I started getting 60-70 and now in 1.53 I have been consistently getting 100+ I...
  8. Artemeis

    Need More Info High Ping Spikes-BattleEye fault?

    Normally I have around 45-50 ping on EU servers. After some patch (1.5 maybe) I began getting very high ping spikes, up to 250-260, normally between 130 and 180. Obviously it's unplayable. I started to investigate the issue. At first I thought that it depended on time, as I play usually from 22...
  9. ChristopherR

    [NA] West Coast Servers

    Though I am East-Coast, quite a few of my friends and acquaintances are located in the West Coast and are required to play on East-Coast servers which gives them relatively bad ping. I feel that later down the road when multiplayer has an influx of active players it would make sense to add...
  10. bay_b


  11. bay_b


    We have not been able to play your game for over a month. Many of us are getting huge ping on your server. Can you at least post something about it or something? 1 month is way too long for such a critical issue to occur. Please fix this issue.
  12. Ruskor

    Unresolved Will the servers be closer to Russia?

    Dear developers, I have a question for you, will the servers be closer to Russia? And if so, when? Thanks.
  13. Unresolved Ping 300-400 at Russia

    Hello. This is an appeal to TaleWorlds. In Russia, there are at least 300 ping. I would like to know if this problem will be solved at least in the release?
  14. Ruskor

    Need More Info Ping

    Good afternoon. How to find out IP addresses of European servers? I would like to improve the paths to EU servers through my provider.
  15. Sir Galahad the Pure

    Unresolved Unstable ping in EU servers

    My ping is extremely unstable in EU servers and seems to be following a circadian cycle, which makes me think it might be affected by the number of players connected to your servers. I live in southern Spain and have 50 Mb/s wired connection. My ping in Warband has always been stable (35-45) in...
  16. High Ping

    I've been playing until yesterday without issues but today I have really high ping, like 700-800. I live in south-eastern Europe.
  17. Artemeis

    Unresolved Ping for Far East players

    My friend lives in Far East, Vladivostok city, and multiplayer is basically unplayable for him. He gets this ping: EU 160-180 NA 250 Oceania 300 East Asia 350 In MB Warband he usually played at EU servers located in France\Germany with 90-110 ping, which is playable. However, he should be able...
  18. Nwoym

    Russian Far East Matchmaking

    Loving the game so far, just wonder if there were any plans for Eastern part of Russian Federation servers for matchmaking? All servers from my place have minimum 166ms on Europe, on Asia 250ms. Can't play with this pings, please make official servers or give us alternative solution. I live...
  19. Freddold

    Unresolved Massive ping on Oceania server but not on others (I'm Australian)

    At the moment I have a fairly consistent 200 ping on the Oceania servers even though I'm in Aus. I actually get better ping in East Asia (around 90). I've mentioned it in chat a few times and other people have said they have the same problem. I don't normally have latency issues in other games...
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