1. Resolved Imperial Legionary/Triarii No Longer Throwing Pila

    Summary: These troops no longer use their pila as throwable weapons, they just carry them around. Toggling hold fire doesn't seem to change the behavior. How to Reproduce: Custom battle, triarii vs legionaries, neither side throws one pilum. Have you used cheats and if so which: None. Scene Name...
  2. Kniuan

    Resolved [e1.1.0] The "Pila" is unable to be thrown in singleplayer (Possible fix available)

    Summary: Any unit with a "Pila" is unable to throw it. The player cannot throw it either as switching modes does not work. In files it is named as; imperial_throwing_spear_1_t4, and made from spear_blade_15, spear_handle_2, and default guard and pommel (via SandboxCore/ModuleData spitems.xml)...
  3. Castanietzsche

    SP - General Shields with javelins stucks on it should be drammaticaly heavier and difficult to handle

    Hi ! :) I love Bannerlord and I love ancient history. A common tactic used to be to throw a javelin into a wooden shield. The javelin, stuck in it made the shield much heavier and much more difficult to handle, especially for hand grip shields in comparison to arm grip ones. The attacked could...
  4. Singleplayer only? Pila's do not function properly anymore.

    For some reason in single player you cant use X to throw pila's, neither is an information panel available for the throwing damage in the inventory. Weirdly it worked in the beta MP?
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