1. LKAI

    Resolved Omor city can no longer be entered. Causes loading screen crash. Series X

    Summary: Accepted the "Prodigal Son" quest. After speaking to gang leader, failing speech checks then exited conversation and went to and entered gang leaders house. One guard was stuck in sit pose on the sofa but fought without standing. Spoke to hostage son said he would leave and B exit to...
  2. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    MP Medieval New Permanent PK Server + Discord Forum!

    Hello Folks, I am here to inform you that a team consisting of some good friends of mine has decided to host a new PK server based in Europe, focused on balanced gameplay instead of role-playing. The server is called [PK]_Premium, and it is accessible for the public 24/7! If you are interested...
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