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  1. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    MP Medieval New Permanent PK Server + Discord Forum!

    Hello Folks, I am here to inform you that a team consisting of some good friends of mine has decided to host a new PK server based in Europe, focused on balanced gameplay instead of role-playing. The server is called [PK]_Premium, and it is accessible for the public 24/7! If you are interested...
  2. ㅤDraka Zwarteㅤ

    [PW/PK][MAP] Orta Dünya/Death Match - Wasteland

    Orta dünya, bayrak feth etme - Wasteland Team Death-Match Haritadan Görüntüler
  3. chukutor


  4. HenrykSikora1683

    Persistent World for Bannerlord?

    Is there any news on when a Persistent World style mod might be coming out for Bannerlord? I know that obviously the game isn’t near finished yet, but I really can’t wait to play PW in Bannerlord. I feel like once these types of mods start coming out, the multiplayer aspect of this game will...
  5. Varena's emotes

    1. Introduction Greetings, everyone! I know that my thread does not fit in anywhere, so I have decided to post it in The Forge. Even though it will not be of great significance to any modification in existence, it may, however, prove to be useful for any community across the whole spectrum of...
  6. Pride [Zwarte]


    ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ???????? █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁ Amacımız birbirini seven ve sayan insanların içinde bulunduğu, bir dostluk ortamında kaliteli vakit geçirebilmektir. ???????: 12/11/2018 ??????: Draka Zwarte ?????? ??????????: Toulgordion, Dianles, Whalter, Vieto Zwarte ????ı???: Klanımız ilk...
  7. [NL] c00p62

    Join Northern Legion Today [NA,EU]

    Interested in joining the #1 growing Bannerlord clan? Interested in fighting side by side with upwards of 40 active members? Then come out for training with The Northern Legion today. We are a large scale event clan that plans on hosting our own servers and are currently getting ready for the...
  8. [BoS] - The Brotherhood of ΣΕΜΙΔΕΥΣ - [International]

    [BoS] - The Brotherhood of ΣΕΜΙΔΕΥΣ - [International]

    - The Brotherhood of Semideus - Semideus. This clan practically developed around seven years ago. Even then, most of us knew each other. ΣΕΜΙΔΕΥΣ(Semideus) is derived from Latin and means demigod. For example, Achilles, the greatest Greek fighter there ever was. Like Hercules, son of Jupiter...
  9. D


  10. ClarkGreen

    TR_Oldschool_Roleplay [ASKIDA]

    Eski konu:ı.353003/ Oldschool Roleplay Geri döndük, 2016'da darbe gecesi sunucumuzda serflik yapan emektar oyuncular için, karantinada serflik yapma fırsatı vermek için. Persistent Kingdoms modülünde aktif olacak...
  11. luz1

    [PK] Can't use local chat in game / white objs.. / mac os x

    Hi, i'm using macbook pro and i'm playing pk. I have 3 problem. First one is, I can't use local chat(Q), faction chat(I) and admin report chat(backspace). I change Q(local chat) to T and Y but it doesn't work..i don't know why but i can't write i can use only general chat. Second one is, objs...
  12. House Corvin

    House Corvin

    -: WIP :- ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬|♔| House Corvin |♔|▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● House Corvin is a clan for the mod Persistent kingdom on Mount & Blade: Warband, We actively play every day on the mod but we also play on bannerlord then not active on persisten kingdom and other games we like in the group...
  13. Shwani

    Krenn Rollenspiel Server Hinweis: Durschnittliche Englischkenntnisse sind erforderlich für die Teilnahme Krenn Roleplay ist ein Rollenspiel-Server auf dem Multiplayer-Modul Persistent Kingdoms, dessen neuste Version 1.3 auf Mount&Blade Warband in Kürze für alle verfügbar sein wird. Krenn Roleplay...
  14. Invasions!

    I think that we have the core Kingdoms we have now but add like 3-5 more and either expand the map more, have a random alternative kingdom for each starting location, have sub factions because of revolutions, or have them invade. The invasion can be random from any boarder or it can invade any...
  15. Alverrt

    Avrasya Bannerlord Multiplayer Oyuncu Topluluğu

    Avrasya Community; başta Warband'ın Persistent Worlds ve Persistent Kingdoms modlarında olmak üzere oyunculara onlarca sunucu sağlayarak oyuncu sayısı aktiflik rekoru kırmış ve oyuncuların eğlenceli vakit geçirmelerini sağlamıştır. Aynı şekilde Bannerlord'da da eğlenceli organizasyonlar yapmayı...
  16. .

  17. House Blackfyre

    House Blackfyre

    House Blackfyre is a North American House formed for Persistent World on April 18, 2015. We have been through nine iterations on Persistent World and Persistent Kingdoms, and have been consistently amongst the most influential, large, deadly and powerful groups in the North American community...
  18. Merttotal

    How can ı make a map for persistent kingdom mod

    How can ı do map for persistent kingdom
  19. The Roman Empire [EU]

    The Roman Empire [EU]

    The Roman Empire The Paragon of Civilisation We have never yet feared anything in the realm of men. But the divine, Fortuna herself, we always hold dread of her as faithless and inconstant; and, for the very reason that in war she has been as a favourable gale in all our affairs to this...
  20. Lütfen yardım edin Persistent Kingdoms

    Arkadaşlar öncelikle herkese iyi günler warbandın persistent kingdoms diye bir modu var bildiğiniz üzere bu modda oynamak istiyorum ama dolu olan tek sunucu olan TR_Valhalla_Roleplay serverine girdiğim gibi sunucuyla bağlantınız koptu diyor çözümü nedir yardımcı olabilirmisiniz kaç gündür...
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