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  1. SGT_Night

    Resolved [Beta 1.7.0] Self promoter perk not working

    How to Reproduce: Participate in a tournament, win it, in the winning screen the game tell's you that you received 5 influence points, when you exit that screen you did not received it. P.S: I'm not part of any kingdom (i'm not a vassal neither mercenary) Have you used cheats and if so which: No
  2. CptMuppet

    Resolved "Perfect technique" perk ruins throwing ai for hero and everyone in their unit group.

    Summary: Hello! I found a bug while playing campaign on version beta e1.6.4 and now I am reporting it while using beta e1.6.5. The bug is linked to combat ai and character development system. More particularly perk "Perfect technique" makes ai controlled hero outstandingly awful at aiming with...
  3. Andreypride

    In Progress The problem with passive gaining xp in garrisons

    Summary: Perk "Raise The Meek" incorrectly adds xp to troops in the garrison. He adds +3 xp to each unit in the troops, but must add to each individual warrior within the unit. The second perk effect correctly adds +4 xp per party. +4 xp for each individual warrior in the party. The "training...
  4. Several perks not working properly

    I'm assuming this is because they just haven't been properly implemented yet but some of these do need to be addressed as I would argue they would affect gameplay in a major way. The two main examples I will bring up right now are the perk for fire siege weapons in the engineering tree and the...
  5. Schlarkenstein

    Preventive Medicine perk is broken and nearly acts like a cheat heal.

    Preventive Medicine is a broken perk. It heals 30% of total health after every win no matter what. For example: Have 1% health and simulate battle and then win. You'll come out with 31% health. Go into another battle against 5 looters and win. You'll come out with 61% health This makes it...
  6. Resolved The Perk "Veteran's Respect" doesnt work on Raiders

    the Khergit bandit unit upgrades to "Raiders" at max without "Veteran's Respect" but even though i have it upgrading still isnt possible i also had forest bandits that upgraded to Fians with no trouble so its working partially while i am using mods none of the mods change my perk effects or the...
  7. D0c1

    Resolved immortal charm giving influence after character is dead (modded)

    Summary: my game is heavily modded so i don't know if this effect is from base game or mod. i had high charm on my character and the immortal charm perk gives free influence. after death and succession, the charm bonus is still coming in. named after the character that had the immortal charm...
  8. Resolved Bug- Steward skill not gaining any XP with 6.15 multiplier and 100 Morale+8 per day

    My steward skill is stuck on level 137 with a high multiplier and +8 morale per day from food. I used console command to grant XP to it and after the XP gain from the command prompt it is still stuck. I have reloaded the game several times and no luck.
  9. Julius_Persi

    Last perks for leadership in 1.5.4

    Hi guys I'm playing with my character an she becomes Queen after taking some alone and distant settlementa. Well right now she got "ultimate leader I" What says : "Every 5 skill increase after 250 gives you +1 party capacity." I've readed that if you were a vassal in a Kingdom this perk...
  10. mrj760


  11. NLCRich

    Resolved Bugged Perks Identified in 1.5.3

    Bugged Perks: Crossbow: - Bolten Guard (Renamed to Picked Shot in 1.5.3) This perk actually multiplies the troop wages for tier4+ troops by -50%, causing the tier4+ troops to pay the player half of their original cost. Here are some screenshots that were posted in my perk thread. The below...
  12. Perk Mounted Archer doesn't work.

    Hope i won't repeat the topic but the Mounted Archer perk doesn't work. Long bow can not be used on horseback.
  13. Resolved Unable to click on last smithy perk

    The character is standing just in front of the icon and i can't click on it. You think you should but you can't....ugh so close to LEGENDARY =(
  14. Resolved Corrupted Saves Whenever 2% movement at night scout perk is taken

    When taking the first scout perk option which grants 2% movement speed bonus at night on either the player or any companion, saves thereafter become corrupted.
  15. Resolved [e1.2.0] Companion perks get unassigned if they form a caravan [video included]

    Summary: When you form a caravan for a companion to lead, the perks that companion had become greyed out (unassigned). Not sure if it's a visual bug or if they have actually become unassigned. I also have manual assignment for companion perks on, but I cannot assign perks after they have lost...
  16. Dunwallghost

    Resolved [Perks] wrong setting in two handed skill

    This was posted on chinese M&B community, I think it should be post here as well. Here's the original post link. (OP changed the numbers to -99f)
  17. Need More Info Mounted Archer Perk does not work anymore with Patch 1.2

    Hey Guys, the mounted archer Perk does not work anymore. It worked on the last patch with the noble Long Bow but now you have to dismount to fire the bow. Keep Fighting!
  18. Roguery needs work

    I like the skill and i like the idea of being scout and lvl roguery same time. But lvling Roguery don't work as intended. It says you can lvl it up recruiting and leading bandits but that don't give xp atm. Raiding villages and caravans should give a lot more xp. Having 5 focus point on roguery...
  19. Need More Info Cannot Reload Crossbow on Horseback

    Hi! Summary: When successfully activated the perk of "reload crossbow on horseback" (crossbow perk level 75), I still not able to reload on horseback :( How to Reproduce: enable lvl 75 crossbow perk Quest/Settlement Name (if related): n/a Media (Screenshots & Video): m/a Version: beta 1.2...
  20. Perk von Taktik Skill (Place Tropps befor Battle)

    Es gibt da einen Perk der es einem Erlaubt vor jeder schlacht seine Truppen zu platzieren. Ich habe diesen Freigeschaltet. Jedoch funktioniert der nicht, oder muss ich da etwas dazu noch machen?
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