performance mode

  1. [PS5]It is possible to achieve 60FPS or more with 1000 units on the battlefield. A balanced mode would help this

    Hello TW, After some experimenting I've noticed that it is possible to render 1000 troops on the battlefield whilst retaining 60FPS or more with VRR enabled on 120hz screens. All you need to do is be on Fidelity Mode before the battle loads and once loaded in, to switch out the mode for...
  2. In Progress Series S crash on large desert battle.

    Summary: Game crashing after a minute into the simulated battle sequence. How to Reproduce: Campaign battle, Aserai attacking Western Empire that is besieging Garantor Castle. 1406 vs 1224. Mercenary for Aserai, performance mode, Default settings, battlelord difficulty, August 12, 1085.
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