1. Bitbyte

    This game urgently needs an improved campaign map pathfinding algorithm

    The pathfinding in the campaign map is just awful. I have uploaded this scenario to imgur to explain: Does anyone know how the pathfinding is implemented in bannerlord?
  2. Haikon

    In Progress Pravend Siege AI Pathing Bug (Attackers)

    Summary: I used trebuchets to break both walls at Pravend and then initiate a siege battle. The enemy had 4 ballistas up, both walls were broken, and I had one trebuchet up. The majority of the soldiers in my army either pathed directly into walls outside of the settlement or stood around doing...
  3. Bannerman Man

    Resolved Troops pushing right-hand siege tower on level 3 Argoron scene get stuck behind stone wall on passing.

    Summary: The troops pushing from the right side of the right-hand siege tower on the level 3 Argoron map get stuck on a stone wall. The tower barely clips the wall and all three troops are trapped behind the wall but continue to use the pushing animation. No other troops can fill the slots while...
  4. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.0] Horse Archers have difficulty navigating around enemies.

    Summary: When ordering horse archers to charge (F1-F3) or advance (F1-F4), they are noticeably worse at maintaining separation than in prior versions. More units will ride through the enemy rather than around them. It appears to be related to the fact that they are switching to their swords at...
  5. hourglass/SunDials for time and leaf on water as a compass? idk, but hardcore pathfinding

    Yeah it would be another great addition for hardcore mode, instead of the vanilla calendar available to us 24 hours. you to find/buy an hourglass and learn tecchniques for finding north. quests should be given, but they tell us the direction, such as, "talk to rhagaea about neretzes folly, you...
  6. Can we get rid of the magnetic armies?

    It is very weird to be minding my own business traveling and then have my pathfinding hijacked by someone starting a new army. I could see this being useful in some cases, but it seems to backfire more often than not. Obvious problem cases: 1. I'm traveling to a quest objective and fail the...

    Please launch fixes to the seige engine as my troops wont even go up the ladders on seige towers and wall ladders also when they bust through the outer gate hardly any troops attack the inner door also people are getting stuck in all sorts of places
  8. Resolved Army succesfully besieging Razih got very interested in a door.

    Summary: Just started a new playthrough on the last update, got into my first siege and the entire army could not finish the siege before stacking up on a closed door that I am pretty sure could not be opened. Only way to finish siege was to retreat and auto finish How to Reproduce: No clue...
  9. Siege improvements for lower performance computers

    I just lost a 1400 to 800 siege where I had cracked two walls and left the defenders without any ballistae or catapults.Which is still perfectly possible were it not for the fact that the defending troops inside the wall were never fighting more than 10 attackers at a time. This happened because...
  10. Gustafssonz

    Resolved Pathfinding error at Jalmarys

    Wall level 3, east side (from attackers view) Pathfinding problem after deployed the ramp from the siege tower.
  11. Chichon01

    Resolved BUG - Parties with 0 soldier stuck

    Summary: There is 2 parties from southern empire with 0 soldiers that are traveling to Diathma. They are on the edge of a cliff and are riding straight to the city without moving at all. They are even in an unreachable place because I can go to them, and looters can't either. They are are...
  12. Karmidzhanov

    Need More Info Bug: AI pathfinding bugs out on a ramp siege machine

    When doing a siege and the walls are lower (i.e not using the ladder siege machines but the ramp) the AI bugs out when trying to assault the walls. Only one man occaisonally succeeds is climbing the ramp, but this way they're only getting slaughtered one by one. Video for reference.
  13. Need More Info Bug: Broken Siege AI

    Summary / Reproduction: Whenever sieging a castle with multiple war machines, everyone bails on their current war machine whenever another one punctures the city. I noticed this when I had men using a battering ram and other men using a siege tower. The battering ram punctured the wall slightly...
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