1. Bunduk

    I hope TW never stop to release new patches after Early Acces!

    I hope Bannerlord Patch Support will never stop after Early Acces because i cant get enough of new content. Its like all the time an gift for me when they release patches with content, even when its a small patch. I only hope they fix someday the Siege Ladder Problem because this is the most...
  2. Elephant DLC?

    Prior to this last patch (along with 1.5.10 beta) being taken down, Elephant DLC was included Anyone know if this was purposeful or an accidental leak? Is TW really working on DLC already? The version number is old so maybe it's a relic that was previously worked on to potentially be released...
  3. RodLimitless

    When does 1.5.10 get released???

    i saw the changes i want them i need them specially the leveling aspects i'm so tired of grinding skills, when does the patch get released ??? i don't have it available atm :( ?
  4. isamurai

    Sieges got worst?

    So I've once more given a chance at the game after the new patch and everything was okay and all until i did a siege battle. Is it just me or the AI seems more confused than ever? My soldiers just running around when they climbed over the walls until they got killed. The archers in front of...
  5. Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    We were so lucky to get 2 patches a couple weeks ago (i.e. Oct. 19 and 22). No patch this week. Will we get a patch next week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?
  6. cyberonn

    Beta e1.5.4 Türkçe Çeviri - Sadece Önemli Gördüğüm Yenilikler ve Düzeltmeler

    Beta e1.5.4 Tek Oyunculu Çökme Sorunları 5, 6, 7 ve 8 numaraya atanan birlikler [ağır piyade, skirmisher(cirit atan sınıf), ağır ve hafif süvari] artık savaş başlangıcında düşmana yakın doğmayacaklar ve diğer birliklerimizin yanında yer alacaklar. Performans Oyunu çalıştırırken gerekli...
  7. Make core game work and leave the rest to modders - TW strategy?

    Like in the title. Is it just me or is TW strategy for this game is to patch and polish the basic core functions that are implemented now and leave the making of more content to modders?
  8. Need More Info Patching crashes game

    Each and every time there is a new patch it seems to break the game, even the latest Hotfix which was only about 34B. Each time the game loads a save as per normal but within minutes of activity (not transitions just on map), the game crashes. There a way to avoid this or is the only fix is...
  9. crysty7776

    Need More Info Game broke after last patch

    Hi,as the title says, I cannot launch the game anymore i even tried to delete all the mods,restart the pc and reinstall the game but didan t work. I will be very glad and thankful if someone can help me with this issue.
  10. crysty7776

    Game broke after last patch

    Hi,as the title says, I cannot launch the game anymore i even tried to delete all the mods,restart the pc and reinstall the game but didan t work. I will be very glad and thankful if someone can help me with this issue.
  11. Is it worth coming back to the game after two months?(SP)

    I just wanted to asked if the game at its current state is worth investing time on. I have been reading the patch notes and still I notice A huge amount of perks have not been implemented. Additionally, only a tiny amount of content has been added and that just doesn't make any sense since...
  12. Gerrodot

    Resolved Crash "The application faced a problem..." after 1.4.3

    Gentlemen, help me, I sent bug reports, but so far it was dull, before installing patch 1.4.3 everything worked without problems, but after I installed the patch, the game began to fail to start with such an error, I never installed mods, cleaned the game cache, reinstalled, deleted all save...
  13. Resolved Game crashing at startup after latest patch 1.4.2

    Was fine before patch, now the game won't load to the main menu without crashing. The crash report says "module files" and also one of my game saves which is bizzare. Will I have to reinstall? I have 272hrs on this game and don't really want to lose all my progress, alas this is early access...
  14. Holy Shift

    Need More Info A Single Bug That Made Campaign Totally Unplayable

    I got 'exortion by deserters quest'. NPC lord started to loot village, quest abandoned but 'waiting in village' screen stuck just because all the selections are gone. Game kept going and going i got nothing to stop waiting at vilage. (I tried to talk with vilage npc and reload the game). This...
  15. Forecast of the contents of the next patch

    We don't know when the next patch comes, though we can predict its contents reasonably through the devs' own words. "For singleplayer, our focus for the immediate future is still very much on stability and performance. But that’s not to say that we aren’t still working on other aspects of the...
  16. when can we expect next big update please

    i was wondering, when the game first came out it was updated daily now all i see lately are small fixes, now i understand we have the corona and all that stuff going on around the world and i'm not writing this to rush the devs in any way shape or form but can we please get a idea of what they...
  17. ItalianSpartacus

    Community Wish List & Top Requests

    Ahoy gang! Some of you have checked me out on YouTube, but for those who don't, I cover a lot of Bannerlord content mainly focused on guides. In one of my videos, I asked the community to reach out via a suggestion box to compile a "Community Wish List." I'm posting the results here today and...
  18. SlyFox

    What's up with the e1.4.0 that just released?

    8 hours ago from writing, a patch released as shown here. No patch notes followed. If you click the build ID, tho, you'll find they've added a bunch of files. What gives? Does anyone have some insight?
  19. PowerToni

    Cavarly became stupid, and weaker in general

    I noticed that with the latest patch horse archers don't run in circles anymore around the enemy, but they instead charge it frontally, with the consequence of getting killed like idiots. Cavarly instead, gets stuck very easily in the enemy and seems weaker, in fact I lost tons of cataphracts...
  20. Edarin

    Resolved Haritalardaki tutarsızlık

    Anlatmaya çalıştığım şeyi hemen bir örnekle izah edeyim. Vlandia-Battania arasındaki topraklarda Ab Comer Kalesi yakınlarında yaz mevsiminde, yemyeşil bir arazide meydan muharebesi yapacaktım. Saldırı! tuşuna bastığım gibi bir de ne göreyim? O yemyeşil araziden yaz mevsiminden eser kalmamış...
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