1. BlackSniper

    Markers for party members and friends

    Me and my friend would like to see an option to make it much clearer who those in your party (or friend list) are. The only way to find eachother was holding alt to find eachothers name or callout specific map spots where we could gather. We would prefer if there is some kind of mark to figure...
  2. Vidortan

    Party Management Screen: Filter and Sort Options

    Hello and loving the game! After 30+ hours playing I noticed a lot of time I spend scrolling through troops looking for specific types. It occurred to me by adding a simple filter and sort feature to this screen would help make this less of a chore and more fun! I. New Feature Request...
  3. Resolved Bug upgrading troops while shuffling others around

    In the party screen when you click on a troop type that is able to upgrade (troop [1]), and then drag the troop underneath them (which are not eligible to upgrade) to the top, and then click the upgrade button of troop [1], it says the troops are not eligible to upgrade. (If you then re-select...
  4. Any option to turn off party financial support?

    I startet creating a second party for my clan and noticed that I suddenly have to pay "financial support" in addition to the new party´s wages. I figured "heh, gonna go away after a few days, probably just to help them out". Lo and behold, after draining ~1000-1600 denars from me every day for...
  5. Zocki

    Clan Parties

    Hey, I have a question. There are the Clan Party´s you can create: How can I make them follow me / join my army??? I want to siege a castle but cant do that alone... And as I am not in a Kingdom I cant press that button: Can anyone help me? :grin: King Regards
  6. Resolved Party FROZEN disbanding (screenshot and savegame included)

    Got a party stuck forever in disbanding: it will never come out of that and be controllable again. Also talking to character in town makes no difference. Companion is also married wife. Here is the savegame...
  7. Adorno

    Equipping Companions with Gear/Weapons/Armour

    One of my favourite things in Warband is to equip my companions with better and better weapons and armour (like a girl playing with dress up dolls). But I can't see how to do that in Bannerlord. Is it not possible?
  8. Troops upgrading button

    I would like to have a button that upgrades all upgradable troops without a selection. So only units with 2 options need to be reviewed by the player. you could also enhance it by multiple options like upgrade always to cavalry and so on. also a button that hides all units that are not...
  9. Resolved Family Feud - NPC won't spawn, unlisted bug?

    Family Feud quests sometimes bug if you have max companions in your party. You are supposed to take the person to speak with another person in another town, and when you go to the town the person you brought with you doesn't spawn in and trigger the next step in the quest. It appears that if my...
  10. Need More Info One of my armies stucked in town's textures and can not be disbanded

    I have disbanded NPC whom ruled the army, after that her warriors headed to my castle to be disbanded. But they stucked in the texture of the town (Marunat). Now there are 0 warriors + 58 wounded with 0 moral, which occupy a place in the clan armies.
  11. PowerToni

    Companion's party to follow you

    Hello everyone, is it a way to ask your companion's party to follow you or do something specific? At the moment she's just going back and fourth between two villages, and that's pretty useless.. Thanks!
  12. UK-Tranquillity

    Velvet Weavery doesn't make any money... Why!? - Tranquillity - Video Thread

    First video:? After months ingame my velvet weavery still wasn't making ANY money. But why!? I went to find out why... Hope you enjoy!
  13. Resolved Cannot pay party wages despite having money

    After the new patch it seems that every time wages are paid, my party isn't paid. Even though I have more than enough money to pay them. Why is this happening? Can it be fixed?
  14. Squad-icon/indication

    Hey! Haven't seen anything about this (probably have just missed it, sorry if that's the case), but surely there must be some sort of way coming to the game that make it easier to distinguish your partyfriends ingame?
  15. Karim

    What defines which clan member can lead a separate party?

    Anyone figured out which companions can run a party? I seem I cannot create one with the warrior types. So far got one with the Frostbeard (Scout) but won't let me assign Coilbender to this task, only Healer or the other scout "The Fish". I would rather keep the scout and healer in my party.
  16. Need More Info [BUG] Spy Party (Loading save with started quests)

    Version is: e1.0.1, Steam Initiation steps: - I went to a noble (Temun) that offered me the "Spy Party" quest (talked to him via the interface, did not phisically go to him) and accepted the quest; - Got back to the interface by holding Tab; - Opened the menu and saved; - Alt+F4'd the game (a...
  17. Resolved Cannot form parties with companions that have previously been sent on quests

    Basically the title, any companion that I have used in the past for a quest is marked as "currently busy" when I try to form a new party.
  18. Trixet

    Recruiting party member lower Max Army Size

    Hey! Love the game, however found a slight Issue. It seems that whenever I recruit a new Party/Clan member, my total amount of Max Army Size goes down. For Example I had a maximum of 119, then hired a new Party Member and immediately went down to 95. I made him into a Governor instead, which...
  19. XBGT

    Resolved [e1.0.0] Game crashes when "un-dismissing" party members

    As the title says, game crashes when you drag your troops from Dismiss(left) to [Player]'s Party(right) menu however it only crashes when troop you drag to player's party is expanded and you see it's slider. Also you can somehow bug the slider if you click fast enough but it's not main reason...
  20. Advanced Troop management suggestion for Taleworlds or mod creators

    A suggestion I have is being able to leave a portion of your troops in a place that you don't own. Say: a town or second party or temporary camp. It would make dropping troops to catch a bandit group less of a financial decision... or the same with getting away from a chasing party if you could...
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