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  1. Geobeetle

    Resolved 1.1.0 Beta Player Removed As Party Leader Bug

    Summary: A companion leading a party was captured by a hostile party, and after freeing them I told them "I need you to lead a party" and then was prompted to give them troops. I didn't give them any and then the game proceeds to the after-battle troop management screen where I saw that my troop...
  2. Need More Info Rescue Kidnapped Daughter Quest - Unable to Access Daughter's Inventory or Set as Party Leader after Hiring

    Summary: I started the Rescue Kidnapped Daughter quest, found and entered the village, let her go, left the village, re-entered the village, then took her on as companion. After this, she can be seen in my party list and clan list, but cannot be seen in my inventory screen or set as a leader of...
  3. Resolved Party size set to 20 after chosing new character after death

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Chose a character in an army as new character after player character death, I guess Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): nope Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU Driver...
  4. vth_Musketeer

    Resolved Party Member cannot be used as a party leader

    Summary: My character just married Liena. I just took her to my party at Pravend. I tried to create a party with her as leader, but I cannot select her. When I hover over her character in the Party creation section it says "The hero is a fugitive and running from their captors..." Clearly she's...
  5. Resolved Army Composition is incorrect

    Summary: Up until about an hour or so ago, my army composition was being displayed correctly. I am running an entirely horse archer army with my leader and 2 companions. Everyone, including the leader and the companions are mounted (horse and saddles), but the leader and the wife are being...
  6. Resolved Can´t spend skill points to Caravan/Party Leader

    I´ve tried to find this issue somewhere else but I just can´t find anything that fits my problem. I´m doing my second playthrough in the beta 1.4. I have 1 Caravan and 1 Party with a companion in each of course. I can´t seem to access my companion to spend skill points or change their gear...
  7. Need More Info Drag and drop has mechanical issues with clan party leader

    Summary: Drag and drop can change a clan party's leader How to Reproduce: Exchange troops with a clan party, then move a fresh stack cross-party to the top, or by lowering the leader stack manually Version: 1.0.7 Normally, you can't drag and drop troops from the other party (clan party or...
  8. GG Cannon

    Need More Info Game crashed after talking to a party leader during a siege

    After a victory of 200 against 478, I tried to talk to a party leader without breaking siege in order to transfer soldiers from her army to mine in order to keep the prisoners and then the game froze and crashed.
  9. Need More Info Party leaders getting stuck on campaign map.

    Party leader - set to disband, is stuck on an inaccessable part of a cliffside doing nothing but running on the spot. I guess to replicate, one would make a party and disband it. It just looks like this after a while:
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