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  1. Worlok

    Party priority - defensive

    Does anyone actually have experience with the party logic - neutral/defensive/aggressive? Why is my party moving to an enemy town (under war) after I configured defensive stance?
  2. Andreypride

    How it works?

    1. Why don't even the rich and big clans create more than two parties (limit is more than two)? On what basis do they decide? 2. After the death of the lord of the mercenary clan, a new lord comes, but he does not create a new party. He just sits in the city. Why? The clan has a lot of money. 3...
  3. Clan home base

    I think it would be nice if you could assign a settlement/castle/town you own to be the home base of the clan. They would periodically visit this home base and donate troops or prisoners and earn you passive influence and gold. You could also assign companions to the garrison as a sort of...
  4. Need More Info Companions donate troops to garrison beyond limit

    Summary: Companion parties keep recruiting troops from villages only to return and donate them to an already full garrison. The extra troops will obviously desert. I've noticed similar behavior in previous versions as well. How to Reproduce: Town with 5000+ Prosperity (Sanala). Player Character...
  5. frozenpainter

    WB Coding Remove Party Templates

    How can I remove a party templates on world map with module_triggers? Not in dialogs (remove_party, "$g_encountered_party"), just working in module_dialogs. I used (remove_party, "pt_army_1"), but this working for parties ,
  6. Mechanic or bug?

    I thought this was fixed but in 1.3 it started happening again mid game. My companions party run out of morale and troops desert until I bring them to my army to feed them. Maybe this is a mechanic with villages not having food but it’s very frustrating to have a solid companion led party only...
  7. Show soldier composition in party menu

    I find it annoying that I can't directly know how many infantry/archer/cavalry/horse archer do I have in the party menu. This is important when rearranging my party so that I could have a balanced combination of different troop types. I know I could always exit to the campaign map to check my...
  8. Unresolved Parties en route to join army don't seem to account for strength correctly

    Summary: Enemy is gathering it's army and I moved to intercept lone parties that are easy pickings 20% vs 80% estimated strength. Instead of fleeing, the party willingly attacks me, demands surrender. In the actual battle the AI is agressive (attacks straight away) and gets absolutely...
  9. Need More Info My companions don't recruit men

    my companions don't recruit men when I create a party with them, they just run around alone until they get captured. I have created my own anti-imperial kingdom, but don't have any fiefs anymore if that has anything to do with it.
  10. Captain_Octavius

    SP Native Party AI Overhaul and Commands

    Adds giving advanced orders to your Clan parties on the campaign map. Makes the AI more likely to conquer and less likely to raid the lands that share their culture. Causes all hostile Vassals who like/hate you to target your properties less/more respectively. Description After you order a Clan...
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